Tennis Elbow Symptoms

Tennis elbow is a common problem that a tennis athlete has to deal with at some time or the other, though it is not a major disease or problem if left unnoticed and uncared for this small problem can turn into a major problem later including permanent nerve damage, muscle damage and in the worst cases paralysis. However this happens over a gradual period of time, therefore instead of letting it grow take care of your tennis elbow now and continue playing your favorite.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

The process of getting rid of this problem is not costly and requires mainly plenty of rest to rest your muscles. The main reason why tennis elbow occurs is due to excess strain on your arm while hitting a tennis ball. The speed at which a tennis ball is hit is above 200km per hour therefore putting an excessive strain on your arm causing in many cases a tennis elbow. But the fact is that tennis elbow is not only caused by playing tennis and can be caused by strenuous work you are involved in.

Given below are a few symptoms to look out for if you fear having tennis

Pain at Night:

When you go to bed at night and notice there is a constant nagging pain in your elbow then this could be possible that you are starting to have a tennis elbow. Tennis elbow does not always occur with people who play tennis, it could be possible that in the course of your day over exerted your arm and have caused a muscle strain.


Stiffness normally occurs in the morning after you wake up. If you wake up and notice that your arm is suddenly extremely stiff and difficult to move then its extremely likely that you have tennis elbow.  Extreme workouts may also cause tennis elbow. So keep your workout within the limit your body can take and try not to over exert.

Sleep Impediment:

Sleep may be affected due to the pain that you are suffering. You may not understand at first and pass over the pain as over exertion but towards the later part of the ailment it will cause such severe pain that you might not be able to sleep at night causing problems in your daily routine.

Soreness of the Arm:

If you suddenly have a severe pain and soreness in either of your arms then it may be due to overexertion. This can be the cause of many ailments but the most common ailment is tennis elbow. So get your arm checked immediately because without treatment the pain and swelling is not going to reduce.

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Pain while Gripping Small Objects:

If you have a sudden pain mostly in your hand when you grip a pen or a spoon then it is highly likely that you have tennis elbow. Your hand puts a direct strain on the elbow which is the support to your forearm therefore even the smallest objects can strain your already affected muscles.

Pain while Lifting Objects:

In all the cases it has been noted that tennis elbow has occurred when strain is out in the arm muscles, but not many people know when they are suffering with this ailment and carry on with their daily lives. If by any chance you pick up a heavy object with tennis elbow it will further hurt your muscles and send a sharp pain up your hand.


The pain can be so severe at times that the muscles start to throb this is a vital example of the symptoms of tennis elbow.