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The David Kirsch Diet Plan

The David Kirsch Diet Plan

The David Kirsch diet plan has proved to be extremely efficient along time, and as an evidence to this stand the multiple fit celebrities who have followed the personal trainer’s advice as far as their meals were concerned.

In case you want to obtain fast results as an effect of David’s nutrition program, you have to change not only the quantity, but also the quality of what you usually eat, as well as to learn to eat at the right moments and only for correct reasons.

Basically, the most important nutrition tip that David Kirsch recommends is to eat frequently, but small portions of food and to have energizing meals or snacks once every three hours that in time will be able to teach your body how to reduce the extra fat it does not need and how to accelerate its metabolism process.

By following the David Kirsch diet, you will learn how to substitute your high fat and high carb diet with a low-calorie, lean protein and fiber-rich one. In addition, you will also learn how to go without the A, B, C, D, E and F nutrition ‘don’ts’. In turn, this will strengthen you and make you feel physically better.

In order to obtain the extreme results that you want, you have to necessarily follow the A, B and C meal schedules of the David Kirsch nutrition plan. The A plan focuses on rapid results, while the B and C plans concentrate on losing more extra pounds and on maintaining your new body, respectively.

The David Kirsch Diet Plan

As far as the A meal plan is concerned, this must start with you giving up alcohol, bread, unhealthy carbohydrates, coffee, almost all fats and fruits, sweeteners and fruit juices. For 14 days, you have to consume proteins at breakfast, such as egg whites or protein shakes, plus multivitamins, such as David Kirsch’s Vitamin Super Juice.

For the first snack of the day, you can try chicken, almonds, hard-boiled eggs or canned tuna. For lunch you can have fish, turkey or chicken, plus some broccoli or spinach dressed with olive oil, lemon or vinegar. The second snack can be made up of a ginseng supplement. As far as dinner is concerned, then you can have a protein shake or a small portion of shrimp, chicken, fish or tuna, plus some green salad.

After 14 days, you can move along to plan B which must also be followed for another 14 days. Although this plan also recommends avoiding the same foods as the A plan, it allows you to consume one of the forbidden foods a day. Nonetheless, if these added foods are carbs, they must not be eaten after 3PM.

Lastly, the C meal plan allows you to include two of the forbidden foods to your diet, every day. However, you must also keep to the healthiest ones, meaning that it is more recommended to eat a piece of fruit than a cookie. Moreover, while following the C plan, you can also have one cheat meal per week.

As far as the duration of this plan is concerned, you should know that you can follow it indefinitely. In fact, as long as it makes you feel better about yourself and it shows you the results you wanted to attain in the first place, you should never give it up.

The David Kirsch Diet Plan

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