The Food Lovers Diet: Scam or Miracle Solution to Weight Loss?

The Food Lovers Diet: Scam or Miracle Solution to Weight Loss?

Designed as a no-diet weight loss plan, the Food Lovers Diet claims to offer an easy way to lose weight by learning how to pair the right foods and eat smaller meals, more often. Promised weight loss goes up to 3 pounds every week, depending on the weight of the dieter.

At its core, the Food Lovers Diet follows principles praised by nutritionists everywhere, but it may disappoint those dieters who expect to binge on fast food and sweat to lose weight. The diet consists of two phases: the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover with plenty of food restrictions and the Food Lovers for Life plan for maintaining your weight.

How Does the Food Lovers Diet Work?

Aiming to increase the metabolism of dieters, the Foods Lovers Diet Menu includes specific combinations of carbs and protein that lowers blood sugar. Pairing carbs with lean protein helps control insulin levels and the body burns fat instead of depositing it.

Strategies included in the Food Lovers Diet Plan include portion control, avoiding most processed foods and exercising regularly. In the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover, dieters are advised to stick to a maximum of 1500 calories on each day they don’t exercise and 1600 calories per day when they do.

Using the Fat Loss Plate, dieters can eat 3 meals every day and snack every 2-3 hours as long as they keep to the portions of approved foods, exercise and drink lots of water, up to 12 glasses daily and an extra 8 ounce glass for every 20 minutes of exercise.

The Food Lovers Diet: Scam or Miracle Solution to Weight Loss?

How Much Weight Can You Lose with the Food Lovers Diet?

On the diet, you can start losing 1 pound per week and gradually go to 2 pounds per week. This type of gradual weight loss is the nutritionists’ recommendation for people who aim to lose the extra pounds and keep them off.

Food Lovers Diet Reviews

The reason this weight loss plan has been called the “Food Lovers Diet Scam” has more to do with the way it is advertised than with the actual diet. While promotional materials claim you can keep eating all your favorite foods, they fail to mention the portion control and the strict guidelines concerning processed foods.

Most reviews from people who try it for more than 3 weeks are positive, since the diet does work, but the Food Lovers Diet Menu isn’t suitable for everyone. Nursing mother, overweight people or very active people can find the calorie restrictions too much to continue and anyone with a medical condition should consult a physician before going on the Food Lovers Diet.

The Food Lovers Diet: Scam or Miracle Solution to Weight Loss?

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