The GI Bikini Diet

The GI Bikini Diet

Created by Dr. Charles Clack and Maureen Clark, the GI Bikini Diet promises a “new body” in only 28 days. This low carb diet advocates foods with a low glycemic index (GI), that can help you lower your level of insulin and burn fat for a bikini body in less than a month.

GI Bikini Diet Basics

Dr. Charles Clark claims the GI Bikini Diet is the best way to burn fat quickly, buy regulating your blood sugar levels. Steady levels lead to a lowered production of insulin, the hormone which plays a big part in fat production in the human body.

The GI Bikini Diet consists of 2 phases, the first 21 days and the last week. While cutting out refined carbohydrates, this low carb bikini diet leaves in plenty of options which can help dieters feel full even when they’re eating less.

The GI Bikini Diet

According to the authors of this diet, dr. Clark and his wife Maureen Clark, the GI Bikini Diet helps turn off your body’s fat storage process while increasing fat burning.

GI Bikini Diet Plan

Easy to follow, the GI Bikini Diet includes 3 types of foods: completely restricted, restriction and safe. Refined carbs, such as the ones found in bread, pasta and rice are completely restricted, at least in the first 21 days of the diet.

This low carb bikini diet includes restrictions for eggs, cheese, dairy, fruit and nuts. Foods allowed virtually with no restriction include poultry, meat, fish, vegetables (except the ones with a very high carb content) and all spices and herbs.

Vegetables that should be avoided from this diet include potatoes, beetroot, parsnips, while bananas, pineapple and mangos are the fruits with the highest carb content, which can lead to fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels, slowing down the weight loss process. When it comes to nuts, chestnuts and peanuts should be avoided.

The GI Bikini Diet

GI Bikini Diet New Body

Getting the new body promised by the GI Bikini Diet is a possibility only if you follow the guidelines strictly, without eating any baked goods or other high carb foods.

Since the diet also promotes fat burning, it’s ideal for losing weight and shaping your body in less than a month. The most popular recipes for the GI bikini diet include smoked salmon with avocado and chilli prawns with watercress.

GI smoked salmon is a perfect meal idea thanks to its very low carbohydrate content, that also includes plenty of protein and healthy fats.

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