The Raw Food Detox Diet

The Raw Food Detox Diet

Many people who are fascinated by raw food simply don’t know how to make the transition from what they’re currently eating to a raw diet, or how to achieve the benefits of eating raw without giving up their lifestyle or the foods they love. Whether your diet is primarily made up of meat and potatoes, or tofu and tempeh, you can integrate the flavor and lasting health benefits of raw food into your active lifestyle.

Minerals Deficiency

Most people are low in minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, phosphor, sodium, iron. In order for the body to detoxify, you need alkaline minerals. An important role of calcium is to aid in detoxification. It is an alkaline mineral and catches the toxic acids that the body releases. Therefore, it’s crucial that – before or during your detox – you get plenty of green vegetable juice and alkalizing foods.

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The Raw Food Detox Diet

Transition Interval

Over time, our bodies build up toxins and store waste from food that is not fully eliminated. Raw food helps to detoxify the body by eliminating these poisons and setting us back on a course toward a naturally slim figure. But making the transition to a raw diet too quickly can have negative effects on the body. The healthier way is to make a gentle change based on your previous diet and current needs. Choose from the very beginning how far you want to go.

Cleansing Detox

The benefits of a raw food detox diet are: clearer sinuses, weight loss, clearer skin and shinier hair, greater energy, mental clarity and emotional stability as it eliminates depression. You can control how fast you want to detox. Experts recommend a slow cleansing detox to start with.

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The Raw Food Detox Diet


Raw foods are fresh, delicious and healthy, so if you’re new to raw foods, try simple, basic raw food recipes: salads, green smoothies, creamy mushroom soups, Asian style salads, raw burrito lettuce wraps, raw vegan pesto, or raw flaxseed crackers.

Cleansing: A Lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to live an all-raw lifestyle, or just to improve your energy and shape while still eating the foods you love, going through bouts of detox can really make a difference. Plus, every time you detox, you reach a new level of cleanliness. Imagine a car running on the cleanest fuel without impurities to slow it down!

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