Top 23 Best Home Remedies For Depression

Top 23 Best Home Remedies For Depression

Depression is an extreme form of sadness that hits a person due to certain prevalent causes and problems in the life. Depression might have harmful outcomes if not stopped or cured at the right point. It gets to the brain and since the brain controls the body, it might persuade you to commit something which might result into a life risk. Learn about depression, study it, and solve it. In severe cases of depression, people have usually been seen with suicidal tendencies as well. However, in depression most people need to take proper counseling to get best outcomes. Depression is a completely psychological problem and there is no effect on the physical health until and unless the situation stays for long.

home remedies for depression

As good news, all you people should know that there are various safe and natural home remedies that can be used for the treatment of depression in a faster way. They might not be able to cure completely but will surely help you out in treatment. Check the top most natural home remedies for depression in the guide below and make some picks to get best outcomes:

Table Of Content

  • Causes Of Depression
  • Symptoms Of Depression
  • Prevention Of Depression
  • Simple Home Remedies For Depression
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Causes Of Depression:

Ever wondered why you are depressed? A random comment by a stranger or even your child refusing to eat can lead to depression. But, there are many more serious causes of this problem, listed below:

  • Family history of depression.
  • Unhappiness in the house.
  • Anxiety Issues.
  • Hormonal Changes.
  • Physical Abuse.
  • Death Of a Loved One.
  • Financial crisis.
  • Job worries.
  • Loneliness.
  • Certain medications.


Symptoms Of Depression:

Now that you have seen the causes, get to know what it feels like to be depressed:

  • Feeling Of Inferiority.
  • Frustration.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Fatigue.
  • Self-Abuse.
  • Suicide Attempts.
  • Gazing into nothing for hours.


Prevention Of Depression:

Depression is better when prevented! It is difficult to get someone out from the condition and making key decisions can save them from getting sucked into its whirlpool. Read below the tips to prevent depression in the first place:

  • Always talk to a trusted family member.
  • Confide your inner thoughts without a hesitation.
  • Don’t worry about being wrong.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Go out of the house to some cheerful places.
  • Cut down negativity including people.
  • Exercise Regularly.
  • Eat nutritious food.
  • Meditate.


Simple Home Remedies For Depression:

  1. Saffron Extracts
  2. Exercise
  3. The Diet
  4. Use The Light Therapy
  5. Herbs That Help
  6. Positive Thinking
  7. Acupuncture Treatment
  8. Talk To Close Ones
  9. Fish Oil
  10. Avoid Alcohol
  11. Caffeine
  12. Worship Services
  13. Magnesium Food
  14. Get Enough Sleep
  15. Comedy Treats
  16. Brazil Nuts
  17. Socialize
  18. Seek Humor
  19. Random Conversations
  20. Relaxation Therapies
  21. Music
  22. The Diary Trick
  23. Support Groups


1. Saffron Extracts:


A small amount of saffron extracts is known to have great effects on the symptoms of depression and treat it properly. However, large amounts can cause side effects and should be avoided. This is one of the known home remedies for depression. Saffron is a natural sleep inducer and by promoting good sleep, it in turn prevents depression.

How To Use?

  • Use a few strands of saffron in milk.
  • Boil well.
  • Consume this warm drink before going to bed.

Who should avoid?

If you have lactose allergies, avoid taking milk.


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2. Exercise:

Regular exercise is a natural treatment for depression. Physical activity helps in regulating the system of the body as well as the functions. This also includes the mind. Exercise also helps in secreting the right number of hormones needed to keep the mind in proper active condition. Apart from that, exercises help in dealing with stress which is one of the major causes for depression. Overall, it is suggested that about a 30-45 minutes of exercise routine should be maintained each day for treating depression.

Tips: Try to find an outdoor place to exercise. Also a good company can elevate your moods quickly.


3. The Diet:

There are some healthy dietary changes that one needs to make for treatment of depression. This is one of the efficient home remedies to stick by. Along with some dos, there are don’t that need to be taken care of. Along with reducing the intake of sweets that can aggravate depression, alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided. Apart from this, foods rich in vitamin B 6 and magnesium is very important for those who have depression and wants to cure it. Eat healthy and stay healthy should be the mantra!

Tips: Eat a balanced diet, instead of indulging on just one food group.


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4. Use Light Therapy:

walking 1

It has usually been seen that the lack of exposure to sunlight is one of the major causes of depression. People experience more depressing feelings in dark and winter months as compared to sunny seasons. Exposure to sunlight not only gives the body vitamin D but also helps in the production of serotonin required for a mood turn on. Walk outdoors in the light for some time as one of the best natural ways to help depression.

Tips: Early morning sunlight is the best for maximum Vitamin absorption.


5. Herbs That Help:

Home Remedies For Depression - John's wort herb

St. John’s Wort is one of the natural supplements for depression, available online or in selected stores. It is used effectively by millions of people around the globe. Discuss the dose with a professional and use that each day till the problem subsides completely.

Tips: Never try this without medical advice. Use only as suggested!


6. Positive Thinking:

Positive Thinking for depression

Wondering how to treat depression at home? See the positive sides of things around you and note it down. Try and go through that list each day to bring in positive ideas and thinking. This therapy is quite a natural and home remedial way to treat depression. Regular practice can simplify things for you and give you an ability to look at the brighter side of things.

Tips: Read positive books, quotes and do a self-pep talk!


7. Acupuncture Treatment:

A safe way and 100 percent natural and effective ways to treat depression is to use acupuncture. It is the therapy of pressurizing points in the body and has a solution for all kinds of health crisis including depression. A professional should be hired to guide you through the right way. This is one of the natural ways to fight depression.


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8. Talk To Close Ones:

Home Remedies For Depression talk to close

Sometimes loneliness is one of the biggest factors of depression. If you talk to someone who is really close to you and try to discuss your major concerns, then it can help you well in the treatment of depression. It is a simple yet very effective cure of depression. Never think you are wrong! Always approach with an open mind!


9. Fish Oil:

fish oil supplement

Fish oil has omega fatty 3 acids that work well on the brain and its functions. It has been seen that a lack of omega fatty 3 acids causes depression. Fish oil supplements are one of the best natural cures for depression. Choosing good quality capsules can ensure better results.


10. Avoid Alcohol:

Avoid Drinking sign

Many studies have proved that alcohol actually promotes depression in both men and women. It’s a shame that people getting addicted to alcoholic drinks during depression are a common sight. Alcohol might increase the depression that you’re going through. Instead of alcohol, you can have beer and wine which will make you feel livelier during a depression. This is one of the best home remedies for solving depression issues.


11. Caffeine:


Caffeine for depression

Are you in need of depression treatment at home? Then you have come to the right place. This point educates us that coffee can effectively depression and make you feel a lot better. The caffeine content in coffee or coke can reduce the symptoms of depression and help fix your mood.

Tips: Adding some dark chocolate to your coffee can also do the trick for you!


12. Worship Services:

Worship Services for depression control

According to a study it has been seen that people attending worship service facilities have effectively reduced depression. This is one of the most natural ways to fix depression without visiting a specialist in this field. Anyone can try this out and it will surely bring positive results.

Tips: Listening to divine music can also heal your thoughts and make you feel normal again!


13. Magnesium Food:

Home Remedies For Depression- Megnesium food

Sleep is one of the important natural things to take for depression. Our body demands us to sleep for at least 6 hours a day for functioning properly. The mind needs to function properly as it runs the whole body. The depression affects the mind heavily and prevents us from enjoying. If you’re in need of a depression home remedy, then it is recommended that you sleep enough and let your mind recover from whatever bad things you have gone through which have led to the depression.

Tips: If you are having sleep issues, try listening to soothing music and stay away from all activities at least an hour before bedtime.


14. Get Enough Sleep:


Sleep is one of the important natural things to take for depression. Our body demands us to sleep for at least 6 hours a day for functioning properly. The mind needs to function properly as it runs the whole body. The depression affects the mind heavily and prevents us from enjoying. If you’re in need of a depression home remedy, then it is recommended that you sleep enough and let your mind recover from whatever bad things you have gone through which have led to the depression.

Tips: If you are having sleep issues, try listening to soothing music and stay away from all activities at least an hour before bedtime.


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15. Comedy Treats:


A little laughter during depression can slowly make you happy. If you’re in need of home remedies for depression, then this is one of the best ways to treat depression. Try exposing yourself to comedy-dramas or comedy TV shows. Laughing your heart out is one of the effective home remedies for stress and depression.


16. Brazil Nuts:

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium which can effectively reduce depression. According to many studies conducted for many years, people who have low selenium content in their body are more likely to get depressed. If you’re depressed, then try having food containing this particular element. This will surely bring you out from the state of depression that you’re going through and is one of the best natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

Tips: Try adding them in your snack list to enjoy its numerous benefits.


17. Socialize:

Socialize for depression control

Socializing is the key. Get involved with people who you like and spend some quality time with them. Share your feeling with your friends and close ones and one of them will surely assist you with some psychological tricks that will bring you out from your depression. Stop living inside a shell and start spending some time with your colleagues or friends.

Tips: Socialize doesn’t mean Social Media! It’s time to get some real-life and switch off your gadgets!


18. Seek Humor:

If you’re going through depression then it is necessary that you seek humour in almost every situation. Giggling all alone won’t make you look like a psycho. It will keep your brain energized and what is the world without humour. We don’t want to leave in a world where all we do is work. Enjoying yourself is extremely beneficial.


19. Random Conversations:

Random Conversation for depression control

Are you in need of some home remedies for depression? If you’re suffering from such emotional issues, then it is recommended that you get involved in certain activities which will keep your mind and heart-healthy. People don’t do it a lot, but you can try this exciting thing which is talking to strangers. Try starting a conversation with persons you didn’t know before. Making new friends would be the fancy word for this exciting activity. Since everyone needs friends, it is time you make some more as the old ones are not enough for you to recover you from your depression.

Tips: Jot down the points before the conversation and try to cut down the negative thought as much as you can.


20. Relaxation Therapies:

Relaxation therepy for depression

Take a trip. Go abroad and go crazy. It is one of the best ways of knowing yourself and there is no age yourself, especially when it comes to learning new things about yourself. Stop staying alone and start living with your family or friends. Their combined love can assist you in eradicating the depression feeling.

Tips: Ditch your gadgets and spend quality time in person.


21. Music:

How to Reduce Stress - listen music

It has been proved that people can effectively reduce depression by listening to the right music. Stop listening to breakup songs and go a little random. Switch on the radio since it has the most random list of tracks ever released. This is one of the easy home remedies for anxiety and depression.

Tips: Avoid listening to sad music, which can further damage your moods.


22. The Diary Trick:

Dairy Writing for Depression Control

This natural home remedy for depression is often termed as the mood diary trick. It involves writing about current state of mind on a diary. If you’re improving then you can see that the different thoughts in your diaries have changed from fair to good to great. This is one of the best natural ways to treat depression.

Tips: Keep the dairy secured to maintain the privacy of your thoughts.


23. Support Groups:

Support Groupw for Depression Control

Attend group discussion classes which are arranged for patients suffering from depression, trauma, shock or those who have gone through a tragic accident. According to experts, such classes are becoming more visible in India which is a good sign. Before you think about harming yourself, join one of these classes.

These were some of the best home remedies for depression. Certainly, there are many more remedies that can be practised at home and will bring positive results. Before trying out any of these tips, it is crucial to first accept you are depressed! Self-awareness alone can help in fighting depression successfully. Just remember one thing that nobody is perfect! So keep the ball rolling and enjoy every minute of your life!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Depression an age-related factor or can it affect anyone?

Depression is more related to your circumstances than your age. Even young children can go into depression due to some traumatic experiences they might have faced at home or in school. People surrounded by depression patients are at a high risk of going into depression themselves, due to stressful emotions. Genes are also responsible for pushing you into this state in spite of being in relatively good circumstances.

2. How Do I Approach A Doctor To Treat Depression?

The first step to depression treatment is to accept the fact that you are in Depression. Most patients are forcibly taken to the doctor, in which cases the treatment can be less efficient due to non-co-operation. If you are totally convinced that a doctor can help you, you are in the right direction. List down your symptoms and take a family member to support you. Regular therapies can get you out of depression very soon.

3. Can Anti-depressants Be Taken on Own Without Consulting a Doctor?

Absolutely no! In fact, it is dangerous to take self-medication for Depression. Anti-depressants are mind-altering drugs, which can relax your nerves and induce good sleep. The dosage is decided based on the condition of the patient and can only be judged by a doctor. These drugs are therefore not sold as over-the-counter pills and can be bought only by showing a prescription.