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Tyrese Gibson Shares Diet and Workout

Tyrese Gibson Shares Diet and Workout

Tyrese Gibson, the hottie playing in the latest ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ flick as well as in the hit movie ‘Fast Five’, definitely grabs all the attention with his style as well as hot body. Staying fit has always been a major priority for most celebrities as image contributes to their popularity and Tyrese Gibson’s secret to looking fit is consistency.

Tyrese’s acting role as U.S Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Robert Epps in Transformers: Dark of the Moon required him to have a super fit body, so how did Tyrese have to prepare for his demanding role? Well, in an interview with omg! Tyrese stated that if he’s always ready to play a role, he doesn’t have to prepare and work extra hard.

Tyrese Gibson Shares Diet and Workout

Gibson’s muscular body is enviable, but it doesn’t come easy, good genes too have to be maintained in time, so the 32 year old actor tries to maintain a regular exercising routine. Tyrese says: “There’s a saying, that if you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready. I like to run at least five miles a day. You know, abs, bench, chest, arms…” “I do what they call like a ‘vanity workout’. It’s like you just want to look good, you want to feel like a star, but it’s not as technical as a full on bodybuilder.”

But things are not super easy for Tyrese, as a well balanced diet is also a part of his healthy lifestyle and of great importance as far as his fit body goes, and Tyrese admits that this part is not all that easy. Tyrese says eating well is a challenge, but by the way he presents himself every time, we can say he’s got this challenge nailed. Tyrese says that:

“My biggest challenge is eating clean,” His healthy diet consist of eating lean meals such as baked chicken, fish, along with fresh salad. However, Tyrese admits it’s hard to stay away from “gulity pleasures” such as sweets. He says: “I love chocolate turtles. They’re my favorite. I also love Kit Kats, Snickers. You know, those are the things that I don’t supposedly eat, but here and there I’ll slip up and grab me one or two … or seven.”

Celebrities love a good workout and eating healthy, so take their example and turn towards healthy eating and an exercise routine, so you can actually make your life better. Feeling great will make you radiate, contributing to your exterior beauty as well, so be determined and develop a plan which you can stick to.

Tyrese Gibson Shares Diet and Workout

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