Weight Gain During Periods

Being a girl is an opportunity which everyone never gets easily! Being a girls need a lit of courage and endless pain throughout life. Every girl is always conscious about gaining weight! Well there is always a difference between gaining weight and gaining fat percentage. In thus article we are going to discuss about how girls gain weight during their period season though you’ve might been exercising regularly and eating healthy, but the weighing scale just threw you a curve ball, and weighing more clocking at five more pounds than last week!  Well it is really shocking but there is nothing to worry about as this aren’t your permanent weight gain at all as if your this shocking Weight gain lands the week before your period.

weight gain

If this is not fat? Then what is it exactly:

The answer is that it is the water level that increases in your body which results in weight gain! The fact to be noted is that a Pre-period water weight may range from half of a pound to 10 pounds! A usual average of the increase in weight is around five for most women.

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But why is it so:

1. The answer is that The hormone progesterone ( this is essential in the early stages of pregnancy) is the one to blame on. When you get started with your period that is when there’s no baby in you then these levels fall and As a side effect, each cell present in your body tends to retains an extra microscopic drop of water therefore as a results water level increases and weight increases

2. Sometimes it doesn’t lead to weight change, as bloating is caused by gas and this may magnify the situation and thereby making you feel a size bigger than before.

3. Before you ask, that how you can figure out that exactly how much weight you have gained to blame on your monthly visitor periods, but it’s rather better not to focus on numbers well Instead, you must always try to maintain a healthy scale schedule and always keep yourself in check regarding a healthy go. You must regularly weigh yourself may be once a week, and on the same time of the day, by using the same scale but you must always remember a fact in mind which is The main thing that you must never overdo it, because fluctuations in weight are very common.

4. You may call the weight gain as a side effect of periods. So as to combat these side effects you may do the same way as you battle all bulge out of your life that is with exercise! And drink a lot of water as much as you can this will help you to get rid of water retention. In normal life also we must always try and avoid fatty foods similarly in periods as well we must try and avoid fatty foods, oily food, alcohol, and salt, which always triggers your body to hold onto water.

5. Well there is one more interesting fact to know about. That is you may also be left with some extra weight which might never disappear after your period has gone. Why is this so?

6. Well yes it is true that you might be left with some extra weight that doesn’t disappear after your period this is caused by pre-period cravings. These cravings tend to make you hungry and not only hungry they make you choose for salty, greasy foods, and sweets and you already know that these kind of food increases your fat percentage and make you gain weight. Therefore such type of weight will not come off even after your period is over. So before you indulge towards your cravings simply because you’re on your period think twice about whether you want to carry that extra weight post-period also?

7. At the end the result is that you must always check your weight, but don’t be over conscious about it. Always keep yourself positive about the weight gain also. As everything happens due to some good reason behind it.

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