12 Modern Office Ceiling Designs With Trending Pics In 2020

Those who believe in the saying, “Office is a second home”, understand the importance of well-designed office space. Along with investing in good furniture and infrastructure, you need to pay attention to the ceiling as well! A good Office Ceiling Design creates a lively environment and contributes to increased employee productivity.

Modern Office Ceiling Designs

If your work area is still stuck with an old-school, dreary-looking ceiling, it’s time you show these creative ideas to your employer. Not only does this idea improve the aesthetics of your office, but contributes to overall brand recognition by clients and guests. So, let’s start exploring these latest office ceiling designs to get inspired from.

How To Choose The Right Office Ceiling Design?

As mentioned earlier, a ceiling plays a key role in expressing the vision of your company and the kind of work you do. So, it’s worth investing some time, money and effort into choosing the right type for your office space. Here are some tips which can help you head in the right direction:

  • First of all, consider the size of the hall, the height of roof, ventilation and placement of fans or air conditioners. This can help in neatly framing the basic structure.
  • If you have a large collaborative space, acoustic ceilings are a must. They absorb excess noise and balance the volume levels in the room.
  • Along with reducing noise levels, if you also want stylish looks, suspended ceilings, T-bar ceilings and Dropped ceiling designs are ideal.
  • For a typical false ceiling look, Plaster of Paris works great. You can use it along with wooden frames and timber planks in meeting rooms to provide insulation.
  • Gypsum boards are trending these days, as they not only contribute to energy savings but also give you an elegant and glossy finish. Some of them also offer protection against accidental fire.
  • If you have a low budget, but still want a good-looking ceiling, then smoothen out your roof wall and stick a colourful wallpaper or go for a stencilled paint. These can be customized with your brand logos, company pictures etc.,

Best Office Ceiling Design Ideas In India:

Take a look at these simple and latest office false ceiling designs, which are carefully designed to meet all parameters like design, energy efficiency, insulation etc.,

1. Latest False Ceiling Designs for Office:

Latest False Ceiling Designs for Office

If you are building a futuristic product, your office atmosphere must reflect the same! Go for this impressive false ceiling design that even covers the hallway. The geometrical arrangement of panels, with accentuated light lines in between creating a lavish statement. With an office like that, who wants to go home?

2. False Ceiling Design for Small Office:

False Ceiling Design for Small Office

This is an example of a suspended ceiling, which works for a small-sized office. The entire panelling is made from recycled material, which has special features. It can absorb excess noise, give you the optimal lighting, along with creating a smart environment. That’s not all! All your ugly wired can be concealed above it.

3. Office Reception False Ceiling Design:

Office Reception False Ceiling Design

Here is an unusual ceiling design for a front office reception area! Instead of a plain roof, black coloured pipes are suspended from above to make this amazing creation. Lights are arranged inside these holes to brighten up the room, without straying away from the concept. We so love this idea! Don’t you?

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4. Pop Design for Office Ceiling:

Pop Design for Office Ceiling

This again is a very innovative design, which can be used for meeting rooms or cafeteria joints. The ceiling is made with an acoustic mesh from which beehive-shaped pops are suspended. Not only does this look great, but also keeps the room looking clean and elegant. Simple ideas are sometimes the brightest ones!

5. PVC Ceiling Design for Office Cabin:

PVC Ceiling Design for Office

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is a type of synthetic material which is cost-effective and highly durable. It is an economical alternative to expensive wooden panels. For instance, take a look at this conference room cum office cabin ceiling, which is accentuated with PVC bars to give a luxurious look, while keeping within the budget at the same time!

6. Office Gypsum Ceiling Design:

Office Gypsum Ceiling Design

Gypsum sheets are one of the most preferred ceiling options in homes and commercial spaces. It lends a glossy look that no other ceiling material can match with. Here is one such idea which makes use of gypsum blocks arranged in an irregular fashion. The result is this spectacular show that you simply can’t take your eyes off!

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7. Wooden Ceiling Design for Office:

Wooden Ceiling Design for Office

This sophisticated wooden ceiling design is from the Paperless Post office headquarters in New York! More than the actual company doings, the name is popular for its innovatively designed office. This is the front area, which is created using thin strips of timber wood. What sounds like a humble idea has transformed the way corporate spaces are designed!

8. Office Open Ceiling Design:

Office Open Ceiling Design

The new age offices advocate minimalism and simplicity. They don’t believe in hi-fi designs and take the smartest route to success. These principles are reflected even in their office design, particularly the ceiling. It is free from embellishments, flashy lights and expensive materials. Instead, the open ceiling is painted in black and has lights and air controls suspended from it. Doesn’t this also symbolize the company’s belief in transparency?

9. Four Ceiling Design for Office:

Four Ceiling Design for Office

With the growing popularity of co-working spaces in cities, designers need to cater to the different demands of each team. This is where a four-ceiling design can be the best bet. In the same room, four differently designed ceiling ideas are installed to cater to each group. This is a great way to create an integrated feeling among diverse working teams!

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10. Wall Ceiling Design for Office:

Wall Ceiling Design for Office

Who says only ceilings must look good? You can go for this different concept in which the roof is kept plain and its beauty is compensated with the wooden decoration on the wall. This is a great trick to welcome your visitors in style and create a statement look at the entrance point. Do add some quirky lamps from the top for visibly bright office!

11. Corporate Office Ceiling Design:

Corporate Office Ceiling Design

It is now possible to divide your office floor into sections by simply changing the ceiling design! For example, notice how the work area is covered with a white suspended ceiling and the meeting place with a dark, painted roof. This technique can help in optimal space utilization without the need for solid walls!

12. Home Office Ceiling Ideas:

Home Office Ceiling Ideas

Take a look at this compact and stylish home office room, which reflects your classy taste and personality. The simple, yet impactful roof design is kept free from all sorts of distractions. It is made fully functional to accommodate reading lights, Air conditioning vents and a centre lamp. Even the crown moulding adds to the architectural beauty of the room.

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Don’t you find these 12 office ceiling designs amazing? In modern times, when a book is judged by its cover, it becomes very important for offices to invest in good-looking workspaces. Just speak to a designer who can understand your unique needs and help you find the best interior design. Does your office have even better ceiling ideas? If yes, we would love to know about them!