15 Best Bathroom Tiles Designs

Bathroom tiles help to set a very fashionable aura around your bathroom which would otherwise elude you completely. Applying tiles in your bathroom is a process which should not be rushed into because at the end of the day once you get the tiles of your choosing you will have a hard time changing it so maintain a process and take the wisest of decisions. Bathroom tiles come in various shapes and sizes and everyone has a choice of colour and design which makes you unique and therefore there are a variety of bathroom tiles which count in endless numbers all of which have different colours and design factors to give you the addition of choice. Picking your bathroom tiles must comprise of different factors which include the size of your bathroom, the colour you want to use and the area you want to cover. Given below are the best bathroom tile designs for you.

These designs are versatile and come in different sizes as well for your discretion:-

1. Black and white:

bathroom tiles design

black and white tiles have always been a matter of popularity in regards to picking a great tile combination for your bathroom. Black and white tiles can be customised in a variety of ways so as to achieve a great unique tile combination for your bathroom. Go with polka dots or chess board checkers or any other design of your choice.

2. Wood concept bathroom tiles:

bathroom tile designs2

these tiles are a perfect representation of how concept bathrooms have come into style today. These wood concept bathroom tiles are a perfect way of achieving a very natural feel for your bathroom. A wood concept can be made with deep and light colours and therefore it is a very versatile tile concept.

3. Large white wall tile with inlays:

bathroom tile designs3

another very modern bathroom tile concept the inlays are embedded into the white wall and compliments the interior very nicely. The large white tile must be a never ending tile and if you add two tiles or more together the concept will be diluted thus a large singular tile is required.

4. Green and blue tiles:

bathroom tile designs4

this outdoor bathroom concept is perfect for you if you are looking for a concept bathroom design. The green and light blue complements each other and represents the outdoors which include forest area. You can always decorate with a potted plant to add to the feel.

5. Contemporary bathroom tiles:

bathroom tile designs5

this simple yet elegant tile design is perfect if you do not want to go too extravagant when picking the right tiles for your bathroom. It is much simpler than the rest of the unique bathroom designs but it does not fail to maintain the elegance of a long standing bathroom tile design.

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6. Small exclusive tiles:

bathroom tile designs6

this has lately become a big popularity in bathroom tiles because not only of its elegance but also of the exclusive nature of the bathroom tiles. The small exclusive tiles range from two to the amount of tiles you want to use but the lesser the better.

7. Luxury wooden concept:

bathroom tile designs7

another wooden design, this design shows how much wooden interiors are accepted as popular bathroom tile designs. This concept though is much more exclusive and looks absolutely beautiful when placed in a luxury bathroom.

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8. Metallic bathroom designs:

bathroom tile designs8

this is probably the most progressive design of the lot and maintains the fact of how many designs bathroom tiles have to offer. Metallic bathroom tiles are easy to attach and can really improve the look of your luxury bathroom. Accessorize with some potted plant or a vase to make it look more stunning.

9. Chic Style Bathroom Tile:

Chic Style Bathroom Tile

This tile for bathroom is in multicolour with small square design. Cube blocks are arranged on wall of variety of colour to make it look bright. This variety of colour combination is looking gorgeous. Each wall is furnished with these colourful tiles. There are straight and side lines of same colour blocks and another lines contain another colour blocks. This colourful cube design adds style to bathroom.

10. Ceramic Pattern Bathroom Tile:

Ceramic Pattern Bathroom Tile

This bathroom tile design appears rough in look but is fully polished. The tiles are cut in large size and it contains shaded designs. There is a panel of small rectangular tile design and made one portion of it. Two pattern of tiles exhibits current trend in tile design. It is looking extremely beautiful and mind-blowing. The shades done with dark and light colour mixture adds glory in tile pattern.

11. Modern Structure Bathroom Tile:

Modern Structure Bathroom Tile

It is modern bathroom tile design of ocean colour. This contemporary tile design looks like it is made up of glass. It is so shiny that even stylish basin is reflecting on tiles. This tile is having radiance features and it gives superb vibes in your bathroom. Like floors, half of the wall is also attached with these tiles. On wall, this tile has got cover with minute tile of dark shade. On shower area, rectangle cut tiles are attached.

12. Designer Stylish Bathroom Tile:

Designer Stylish Bathroom Tile

It is an exceptional concept of bathroom wall tile. A view of water fall is created with the help of designer bathroom tiles. It is built up very near to bath tub so it seems like the water in bath tub is coming from this water fall and gives you a pure feeling of shower under water fall. It is totally a beauty of nature to watch water fall and feel it. A person using this bathroom will receive the same feel.

13. Creative Designed Bathroom Tiles:

Creative Designed Bathroom Tiles

This is what every person wants his bathroom to be. A spacious, well arranged with all essential items and lovely bathroom tile idea. This dual colour combination in tiles leaves a mark in your mind. All the tiles are plain but in between there is a circular pattern over tiles which is the high spot of this bathroom. On floors dark shade plain tiles are attached and on wall white colour plain tiles are attached.

14. Stone Structured Bathroom Tile:

Stone structured Bathroom Tile

This bathroom tile pattern is unique and rare to find. Instead of polished tiles, rocks like tiles are kept on wall. Different shapes and sizes of tiles are arranged in an order to make it look like a wall. It is though simple in appearance but a trendsetter. This tile pattern will make your bathroom look distinct from others. And people will also follow this pattern on seeing it. These tiles are intentionally kept in front and back style.

15. Personalized Idea for Bathroom Tiles:

PersonalizedIdea for Bathroom Tiles

This bathroom tile design idea is looking eccentric and isolated one. There is a wall of green colour over which white tiles are affixed. These tiles are not attached over whole wall. Some space is kept empty and the tile is also not in same line. It is in up and down format. This tile design is looking fascinated and captivating. It adds elegance and charm in using this bathroom. People seeing it for the first time will surely notice half tile attachment.

A bathroom is the first thing where a person wants to go on waking up in morning. A fresh and clean bathroom makes the whole atmosphere happy. When a person comes back home tired, what he will think of is taking shower. This bathroom tile on floor and wall protects bathroom from humidity. So it is necessary to have good quality of bathroom tiles. A onetime expense can save all other expenses incur at each interval.