15 Best Kitchen Furniture Designs With Pictures In 2020

Looking for kitchen furniture? In this modern era, every individual is focusing to design each and every corner of their home. So, the kitchen is a place where every woman spends so much time for cooking. As you know, the kitchen is nothing but the heat of the home. The kitchen plays an important role as the homes fundamental station. Therefore, it is necessary to make it contemporary, alluring as well as attractive as likely. So, in this article, I have covered a list of some beautiful kitchen furniture designs that are helpful for you to select the best one for your kitchen.

Latest Kitchen Furniture Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 simple and modern kitchen furniture designs with Pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Modern Kitchen With Wooden Furniture:

kitchen furniture designs1

A contemporary kitchen that involves a glass backsplash, a wood shelf as well as an incorporated dining table that is beneficial to save space. The meridian overhanging light furniture is from Propeller design.

2. Gun Metal Steel Kitchen Cabinets:

kitchen furniture designs2

In this, the kitchen cabinets are galvanized, hot-rolled steel by a clear coat finish and the steel is covered over an MDF base. The refined look is not anything short of spectacular! The cupboards turn into a part of stylish furniture otherwise art, as a substitute. Remember that hot-rolled galvanized steel results in a diverse look every time.

3. Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinet:

kitchen furniture designs3

Keep white cabinets otherwise stain wooden cabinets by a shade of colour to attain a single contemporary design. It looks sleek, fresh, plus unique. This marked style approximately seems to be a combination of back-to-nature joint with tremendous innovation. Solid wood slab doors are able to be coloured to equal any colour system of your selection. The stain will only create these knots to show up more.

4. Stainless Steel Kitchen Furniture Designs:

kitchen furniture designs4

Modern kitchen feature lobster tail Fossil Island top, automated drawers, birch cabinets, magic corner cabinet, and fitted espresso machine. Not anything says smooth plus modern above stainless steel. So, make stainless steel kitchen cabinet. Your kitchen will be a fashionable modern mecca while prepared with stainless steel cabinet door. Sideways starting the high-end look, stainless steel cabinetry comes with some ups plus downs.

5. Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets:

kitchen furniture designs5

Lacquered kitchen cabinets are like intense, shiny plus wealthy in colour. These Lacquer cabinets are man-made by a procedure of applying plentiful coats of lacquer, pursue by polishing as well as waxing. In condition, done correctly, the lacquer finishes can be tough plus scratch-resistant.

6. Modern White Kitchen Cabinets:

kitchen furniture designs6

The white kitchens are accepted for a very good reason; no matter the manner of the home as they maintain the kitchen look clean White kitchen cabinets too pair splendidly with numerous styles of drawer pull. In condition, this clean, easy option sounds tempting, then possibly a white kitchen is in your future.

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7. Veneer Wood Cabinetry:

kitchen furniture designs7

The employ of slab, wood veneer cabinet doors is a style to include warmth plus depth to a contemporary kitchen. The slab veneer doors have been well-liked in Europe for decades and now popular all over the world. Veneer slabs showcase wood grains in a superb manner; the grain patterns appear to inform a tale from the tree it originates. If finished accurately, you can like decades of kindness from these current cabinet masterpieces.

8. Wooden Floating Shelve:

kitchen furniture designs8

The floating shelves put in straight lines which pair off well by any modern otherwise contemporary decoration. This agrees for storage of all those hideous appliances plus utensils. A few wooden balanced shelves in mixture with a glass backsplash give a wonderful look. The simply downside of floating shelves is the lack of unseen storage.

9. Glass and Metal Kitchen Furniture Designs:

kitchen furniture designs9

This is in trend now, in which the cabinets are prepared of glass as well as metal combination complement the blue mosaic tile backsplash. In this type of glass plus metal furniture, many colours, as well as designs, are available which gives a modern, fashionable as well as clean look.

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10. Kitchenette Casual Furniture Designs:

Kitchenette casual furniture designs

The kitchenette is the kitchen furniture designs for small kitchen. A kitchenette is the smaller version of a regular big kitchen and is mainly for compact homes. The kitchenette has all basic kitchen furniture like refrigerator, oven, cupboard, stove, etc. The Kitchenette is compact and sometimes is of less space. These are arranged in such a way that it gives a neat look and space for movement in the kitchen. These are simple and less expensive designs.

11. Designer Kitchen Furniture Designs:

Designer pattern kitchen furniture

The designer kitchen furniture ideas are the modern kitchen furniture designs chosen with a theme or style. The kitchen is designed carefully with all the required furniture and lightings to make it look classy and luxury. The designer kitchens also include convertible furniture sometimes which reduces the space and makes cooking fun. The tables, cupboards and even the storage cabinets are made as convertible furniture which reduces space and makes it look more advanced designing.

12. Kitchen Room Furniture Designs:

Kitchen furniture Present Day design

These are also similar to the designer kitchen designs, but the furniture put here are chosen so careful that these designs fit small kitchen furniture also. The furniture like shelf, stove, and cupboard are designed based on geometric shapes to create a pattern look and to look funky. The regular kitchen furniture style and designs are altered here to give a more modern and realistic look. The cupboards, storage and even the table are transformed to form a pattern. Convertible furniture is also used to make the furniture more creative. The multipurpose kit of furniture is made as single convertible furniture to conserve space.

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13. Furniture Of Kitchen:

Kitchen furniture inside plan design

Interior kitchen furniture designs concentrate more on the placement, type of furniture, lightning used and the technological improvements used. A general theme is chosen and the entire kitchen room, furniture and accessories are designed according to the theme. The floor tiles, furniture, tables, cupboard and even the utensils contribute in the interior designs. The faucet, sinks, stove, and the oven are also chosen with higher technology and designer style to make it look more glossy and fashioned.

14. Acrylic Modern Kitchen Furniture Designs:

Acrylic modern kitchen furniture designs

Acrylic modern kitchen furniture designs are the trending latest kitchen furniture. These are mostly of closed concept-where the furniture and utensils are kept hidden in a cupboard and is made up of acrylic material. The material is also embossed with designs to make it look classier. This design mostly concentrates on the large kitchen appliance and the finished look. The colour used for the acrylic materials is mostly bright colours. This furniture design gives a ‘toy house’ look. Though it takes effort to maintain the same glossy look, these are the most preferred kitchen designs in modern homes and apartments.

15. Minimalistic Kitchen Furniture Designs:

Minimalistic Kitchen Furniture Designs

Minimalistic kitchen furniture is minimized according to the usage of the user. These kitchens have basic needs in a kitchen. As the name depicts, the furniture inside the kitchen are minimized and are chosen only according to the requirement. The minimalistic kitchens are also designed with modern layouts and this suit the small kitchen the best.

The kitchen furniture designs are chosen according to the requirement and the number of furniture used in the kitchen. The furniture is chosen carefully and placed in a perfect way to make it look classier. Kitchen is the most important place where the love in a family starts. Designing the perfect kitchen makes it a perfect meal.