15 Latest Showcase Designs For Hall With Pictures In 2020

Do you love collecting all things artistic and beautiful? Instead of cluttering them at odd places in your home, bring them all together using well-planned showcase designs for hall. Not only does this help in putting each piece under the spotlight, but also in elevating the aesthetics of your hall.

Latest Showcase Designs For Hall

From tiny figurines to delicate glassware, television sets and even trophies can now get the individual attention they deserve with a showcase. Excited? Then, read along to explore some of the best showcase designs for hall with photos.

Best Showcase Designs For Hall In India:

Let us take a look into some of our favourite modern showcase designs for hall, which gives an amazing look to your home.

1. Cement Showcase Design For Hall:

Cement Showcase Designs For Hall

Using Cement and Concrete showcase design for the hall is ideal for those who are not willing to spend a lot of money on it. A rough sketch is made on the wall and concentrate slabs are laid to create the basic structure. Once set, the walls are smoothened using putty and finished with glossy paint. Add some wooden cabinets at the bottom to hide your knick-knacks and it would be hard to guess that this stunning piece is actually done using cement!

2. Hall Showcase Furniture Design:

Hall Showcase Furniture Design

When it comes to choosing a hall showcase design, you must pay attention to how it blends with the rest of the room theme. Seen here is one such idea which uses a dark and light-coloured laminate on the wood shelves. The large unit accommodates a television and hosts many small units to place your favourite items.

3. Floating Wall Showcase Design For Hall:

Floating Wall Showcase Design For Hall

If you are not keen on a permanent structure on the wall, then try this floating shelves idea. The simple showcase design for hall can be made using wall shelf boards of different sizes and shapes. You can just hang them on your favourite wall in any random design you wish to. The best part? The positions can be shifted to create new patterns to suit your moods!

4. Laminated Showcase Design For Hall:

Laminated Showcase Design For Hall

Brighten up your interior space by adding a touch of colour with this modern showcase design for the hall! The compact-sized pattern creates the right impact on your guests from the word ‘go’! The base material is wood on which a coloured laminate is affixed. Choosing brighter colours like yellow, orange, green etc. can bring in positive vibes in the room.

5. Hall Corner Showcase Design:

Hall Corner Showcase Design

Why waste the corners of your room? Conceal the ugly wall joints and convert that space into an art gallery using this corner hall wooden showcase. The semicircular unit can be readily put up in a corner of your room to display your prized artefacts. The mirrors installed on the back of the shelves create an illusion of a large space.

6. TV Modular Wall Showcase Design For Hall:

Tv Modular Wall Showcase Design For Hall

Here is one of the most sought after showcase designs for hall which features a unique textural pattern on the background. The wood and fibre unit is large enough to accommodate a wall-mount television set and other elements. It doesn’t look chaotic and features just a few shelves to lend a clean and sophisticated appearance to the room.

7. Contemporary Home Hall Showcase Design:

Contemporary Home Hall Showcase Design

Here is a contemporary showcase design in a hall that is very simple and yet chic. The design includes floating shelves that are placed on the wall. The long thin table under the unit is very sophisticated. It is ideal for those who prefer a de-cluttered look in their hall. If minimalism is the theme of your room, this could very well fit in with the description.

8. Fancy House Hall Showcase Design:

Fancy House Hall Showcase Design

This hall showcase design can transform a plain hall into a fancy looking interior space. The entire unit is made with plywood as the base material and a glossy laminate on top. The focus is obviously on the TV point in the centre which occupies a larger share of the unit. The side cabinets with glass doors can hold your favourite glassware.

9. Wooden Showcase Design For Hall:

Wooden Showcase Design For Hall

Among the latest showcase designs for the hall is this simple wooden showcase. The design features a ‘G’ like pattern that looks futuristic. But don’t get fooled by this humble design, as it can easily hold a medium-sized TV unit, setup box, books, flower vases, newspapers and much more. If being unconventional is your way of life, go for such a creative idea.

10. Minimal Showcase Design For Hall:

Minimal Showcase Design For Hall

Hall showcase models like this can be very sophisticated and modern. These floating shelves lend a sleek and elegant look. Choosing a rustic wooden surface can add a texture like an effect on the otherwise plain background wall. The biggest advantage of this design is that it allows you to customize the placement and the number of the units.

11. Traditional Wooden Showcase Design For Hall:

Traditional Wooden Showcase Design For Hall

Here is a traditional hall showcase design that is made of wood. The unit features closed cabinets on the bottom rack and open shelves on either end. A TV can be placed in the centre for viewing. The spaces on the right can accommodate lightweight showpieces. The bulkiness of this unit makes it ideal for a large hall.

12. Modern Showcase Design For Hall:

Modern Showcase Design For Hall

Convert your boring hall to an artistic space with this hall showcase design. The boxy structure of this unit lends an interesting angle to your room. The solid boxes are actually hidden cabinets, while the open ones work like shelves. This way, you can choose to display what you want to and keep your secrets hidden inside!

13. Designer Showcase Design For Hall:

Designer Showcase Design For Hall

Loving this idea of all-black showcase design for the hall? We bet you are! This Instagram worthy unit is a great way to display that shiny, brand new LED TV. You can even add some books, artistic elements, glassware etc. However, the unit made with black tinted glass, hogs all the limelight and truly lives up to its name the “showcase”!

This small wooden designer showcase is perfect for small spaces. The wooden showcase has nine shelves that can be used to place things. The showcase is flat and can be in kept in tiny rooms. These showcase designs for the hall are a good choice for a small wall where you can fit with comfort look. It is a popular hall showcase at Indian houses and forms a part of their attractive interiors.

14. TV Showcase Design For Hall:

Living Room Tv Showcase Design

Take a look at this black and white showcase design for hall, that is nothing short of stunning and spectacular. Every detail of this unit screams of luxury and sophistication. If you have a large hall and looking for a way to spruce up the main wall, this could be a great idea. Adding LED lights sets the perfect mood for a beautiful evening!

15. Chic Showcase Design:

Chic Showcase Design

Here is a lovely bookcase cum showcase design that has a wall covered with shelves. The showcase has open cabinets that are inspired by the complexity of geometry. The interesting aspect of this unit is the play with colours and textures of the units. The rustic, coarse texture of the upper unit tones down the glossiness of the lower cabinet and lends an edgy look to your room.

We hope these showcase designs for hall have inspired you to get one made at your home. Once you made up your mind, just speak to a designer to analyse the available space, the pattern, colours and material that best fits the living area. Sort them out quickly to enjoy your personal art gallery cum television viewing point that you could only dream of!