15 Modern L Shaped Kitchen Designs for Indian Homes

Every owner of the house wants his/her to look great and to be spacious. Sometimes, kitchen is made small or shrinks to fit the place. For such small shrink place, the galley kitchen or the L-Shaped kitchen are preferred. The kitchen is set with the eating place inside. The stove, cupboards, storage are arranged according to the corner place available and a food dining table or a bar table is put up to fill the place and is set according to the style and space. As the name says, L-shaped kitchen are arranged on one corner and is fitted along the corner.

Latest and Best Ideas for L Shaped Kitchen Designs with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 15 L shaped kitchen designs.

1. Traditional Kitchen Designs:

Traditional kitchen designs

The traditional L-shaped kitchen layouts are based on the traditional style. The stove, table, cupboard and all other furniture are arranged and fitted to traditional style. These are new to Indian style kitchen as these are mostly made with wooden furniture.

2. Contemporary Style Kitchen Designs:

Contemporary stylekitchen designs

These are the small L shaped kitchen designs. The theme is chosen depending on the owner and the designer’s taste. The kitchen is put up with some theme and art. Thought he kitchen has little space, the kitchen and the lighting gives luxurious look.

3. Open Concept Kitchen Designs:

Open concept Kitchen designs

The open concept kitchen designs are L shaped kitchen designs with one side open. The table, chairs are put up parallel to the stove and the L shaped kitchen cabinets are put up on the intersecting corner. These are mostly preferred by larger families.

4. Cathedral Ceiling Kitchen Style:

Cathedral ceiling kitchen style

The Cathedral ceiling kitchen designs are normal L shaped kitchen designs with Cathedral ceiling style. The ceiling is designed like a cathedral church with hanging lights and this gives a classy and gorgeous look for the table during lunch and dinner.

5. Centre Island Style:

Centre island style

The centre island style is similar to the concept L shaped kitchen designs. The table is put up in the middle of the kitchen furniture. The table is selected according to the style and space. Mostly circular shaped table is preferred.This gives a good space for great family reunion.

6. Corner Pantry Kitchen Designs:

Corner Pantry Kitchen designs

Corner Pantry kitchen designs are the mostly used L-shaped kitchen designs for Indian homes. The cupboard is put up on the same side where the stove is put to store the provisions and vessels. The table for dining is attached with the stove marble and is made easy to keep and eat the cooked food.

7. Farm House Style Kitchen Design:

Farm house style Kitchen design

The farm house style L shaped kitchen design is for smaller space. The interior is designed as a barn and is converted into a farm house look kitchen. The window is fitted with glass to give a garden view. The farm house kitchen style brings in green-nature style.

8. Ranch Style Kitchen Designs:

Ranch style Kitchen designs

The ranch style kitchen design is the best for bigger homes and it depicts the style followed in United States. The Ranch style is made up spacious arrangement of the furniture and is set up with lights to give an old-ranch look. The wall and the tiles are chosen according to the style.

9. Modular Kitchen:

Modular kitchen

The upcoming and trending kitchen designs are the L shaped modular kitchen designs. The modular kitchen keenly concentrates on space conservation and convertible furniture types. The storage and usage of the vessels and cupboard are made easy with this layout. The L-shaped modular kitchen designs catalogues are the first thing in home designing now-a-days in Indian architecture.

10. Broken L Shaped Open Kitchen Design:

Broken L-shaped Open Kitchen Design

To give different look with the regular L shaped structure designers came up with the idea of building a wall in between the two tangential lines. The wall can be painted in a bright color which makes the design more attractive and pleasant.

11. L Shaped with Peninsula Designed Kitchen:

L- shaped with Peninsula designed Kitchen

Peninsula is a great idea for women who do multi-tasking by cooking and also working simultaneously. The L-shaped kitchen is accompanied with a side table which has the same finish like the L-shaped work place where laptops or iPad can be placed.

12. Double L-Shaped Open Kitchen Design:

Double L-Shaped Open Kitchen Design

This brilliant design of placing two L-shaped working top parallel in a open kitchen design is considered to be the best outlay in furnishing the interiors of the kitchen. The L-shaped structure is placed in opposite direction such that an inverted L-shape view is produced when over viewed.

13. Small Closed L-Shaped Kitchen Design:

Small Closed L-shaped kitchen Design

A small closed kitchen can be made into a huge spacious room just by designing the room in a neat way, which is achieved by placing a L-shaped work top with inbuilt kitchen on the small side and a sink attached along the long shaft of the frame.

14. High Cabinets L Shaped Kitchen Design:

High Cabinets L shaped Kitchen Design

A traditional way of designing is many in number one such famous designing is the L-shaped kitchen design with high cabinet design. The high cabinets help in preserving space and allows in storing things which are not in regular use. High cabinets can be reached by using a foldable ladder.

15. Floating L-Shaped Kitchen Design:

Floating L-Shaped Kitchen Design

This is indeed the most modernized kitchen design idea where the kitchen working top and also the counter top floats in air, which is achieved by screwing the L-shaped working top to the wall on side. The absence of the leg helps in easy cleaning and also maintains the floor shine and quality. This pure white painted kitchen design adds a royal look to the modern furnished house.

The L-shaped kitchens are the best idea for the small and compact homes. The L-shaped kitchen layout designs are made with theme and right style to choose the home and space. You can choose this design for your kitchen design. It is not matter if you have a small space in kitchen then you can also try unique design with this type of L shaped style structure.