30 Stylish & Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

The heart of the house which is definitely the kitchen,  which needs a good amount of design with unique designer items matched with some beautiful paintings or wall decor. The reason why the kitchen is called as the heart of the house is self-explanatory since it helps in making delicious food which we relish with a good ambiance. The good ambiance is made by combining the perfect amount of decor and color combination.

Latest and Unique Kitchen Design Ideas:

To get a brief idea on how to design your new kitchen or kitchen which needs some remodeling this article Top 30 Kitchen design ideas will help in figuring out with less hassle and tension.

1. Simple Miniature Kitchen Design with Artwork:

Simple Miniature Kitchen Design with Artwork

A simple studio apartment can be modernized with simple kitchen design, which includes a gas top with oven attached a side inbuilt cabinets, the side wall can be made more colorful by painting the wall or nailing some modern art paintings.  A small kitchen design suits well for a studio apartment where open kitchen can be the only option in creating a kitchen.

2. Dutch Style Kitchen:

Dutch Style Kitchen

Dutch Deco items are quite famous all around the world, the basic home kitchenware is used which includes gas stove or electric ceramic top stove with oven attachment, the sides cabinet are made parallel to each other which helps to store everything in a small confined space. The dutch are known for showing their old traditional decor items which include chandeliers, wooden designer ware.

3. Pendant lighted Counter Top:

Pendant lighted Countertop

This new kitchen design in exposing led bulbs through transparent glass cover lid has become famous and it is also easy to do it yourself idea. The led bulbs can be of different shape and size which can be selected according to once choice, instead of using the old-fashioned ceiling attached lights, this type of pendant lighting system is attached to the counter top.

4. Triangularly Shaped Kitchen:

Triangularly shaped kitchen

Triangular shaped kitchen design is the latest kitchen design in designing any type of modern kitchen, this triangular kitchen is designed for easiness in taking things from fridge from one point of the triangular chopping them on another side of the triangular which then leads to washing area which is the connecting point to form the triangle shape. This type of kitchen suits well for modular kitchen design.

5. Countryside Interior Designed Kitchen:

Countryside interior designed Kitchen

The countryside kitchen design brings in a calm and natural design into the kitchen which is made from original bamboo sticks and wooden chips. The interiors are simple and elegant, which has checked curtains covering the lower cabinets and the walls of the kitchen are decorated with the wooden basket or bamboo baskets, bowls or hat designs.

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6. Luxury Designer Kitchen:

Luxury designer Kitchen

Designing a luxurious kitchen needs a good amount of research in placing the right kind of furniture and interior decorating items. The most important furniture would be the chairs and the lighting system. Two elegant and rich looking light attached on the sides with a screen covering the lower part of the counter top and the side cabinets which gives a theatrical feel

7. Vintage Inspired Kitchen Design:

Vintage Inspired Kitchen Design

Vintage design is one of the most popular designs in building up a trendy kitchen in the recent years, younger generation thinks this vintage design has its own beauty which cannot be matched with any new modular kitchen design.  The common vintage designs are the wooden dining table placed in the kitchen which has wheels attached to a table. The walls of the kitchen are made from red brick and left without any painting over it.

8. Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas:

Colorful kitchen design ideas

Unlike the wood and white painted wall designs, this type of colorful kitchen designs makes it more interesting not just for the person who cooks, but also for kids who help their parents in cleaning and arranging the dishes. The colorful theme kite can be achieved by using colorful carpet flooring with light colored cabinets.

9. British Style Kitchen Design:

British style Kitchen Design

British house is known for its unique and stylish looking designer rooms which also includes the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are made from reclaimed wood painted with white paint with metal handles. The countertop is also made from wood with open shelf designs on either side of the table.

10. White Theme Classic Design Kitchen:

White theme classic design kitchen

White is a royal color which is a known fact, this rich color is used in designing kitchen interiors with some amazing shelf and counter top design. The stove top is also painted in white. The small isle for dining is provided with high stool which is of contrast color.

11. Zen Design Kitchen:

Zen Design Kitchen

Zen design is a typical Japanese designer kitchen which consists of marble counters and handmade wooden sliding cabinets with steel sink and wooden cutting board sliding over the sink seen around the counter. The most important part of the wooden tables are the butterfly joints made from wood. This type of design is typically seen only in Japanese design.

12. Outdoor Kitchen Design:

Outdoor Kitchen Design

For people who own a beach side resort or people who have a big compound wall can think about doing some innovative idea by installing kitchen around the balcony with minimal gadgets. The counter tops can be made from concrete or brick wall with inbuilt stove, dishwasher, and a sink.

13. Rustic Look Kitchen Design:

Rustic look Kitchen Design

Rustic look kitchen design made from pure wood which requires precise work to convert a bright looking wood into that rustic old look. This type of design falls under luxurious kitchen design. The cabinets, the counter top, chimney and the dining table is made from pure teak or rosewood.

14. Movable Counter Top Kitchen Design:

Movable counter top kitchen design

This type of design fits in for a kitchen which needs renovation with minimal changes to the existing furniture and design. This type of makeshift design can be from wood or wood leg with the steel top.  The lower part of the table is provided with racks for storing spices and other perishable items. For table which does not have shelves detachable baskets can be placed on the lower part of the table.

15. Semi-Circular Modular kitchen Design:

Semi-circular Modular kitchen design

This easy to build design called as the modular kitchen has gained its importance more than a decade and still, this type of kitchen has retained its value with its upgraded designs and finish. This semi-circular kitchen design has contrast colored cabinets with a circular counter top and an extendable side table with high chairs.

16. Glossy Interior Modular Kitchen:

Glossy Interior Modular kitchen

The modular kitchen can be non glossy as well as glossy, it is definitely a glossy finished kitchen design has gained the importance. The color of the cabinets can be bright colors like yellow, red or subtle color like sky blue. This glossy kitchen is made into an L shape with a wide working area.  Glossy cabinets need a good amount of maintenance, which is done by regular cleaning with liquid glass cleaner.

17. Moroccan Open Cabinet Kitchen Design:

Moroccan Open Cabinet Kitchen Design

Moroccan kitchen design is known for its open spacious designer kitchen which gives a more spacious outlook. The job of opening and closing the cabinet doors becomes less. The open cabinet design is made from wood or steel shelves. The walls below the cabinets are made more colorful by sticking wallpapers or designer tiles.

18. Blue Beach Theme Kitchen Design:

Blue Beach Theme Kitchen Design

Beach theme gives a bright outlook to the kitchen through tiny small artwork and blue titles attached to the sides of the wall adjoining the cabinets. The counter top is made from white painted top with blue painted legs. The window curtains also made from blue color with a handmade designs drawn on it. The tiles used in decorating the walls are quite shiny and accompanied with shell design tiles on the lower part of the cabinets.

19. Apothecary Designed Kitchen Cabinets:

Apothecary Designed kitchen cabinets

Apothecary designed cabinets are small cute looking shelves with the door attachment. This type of cabinets is seen just below the counter top. These small cabinets help in storing small vessels or spices. These some drawers replicates like the drawers designed for storing tablets in the pharmacy.

20. Vintage Sink and Tap Designed Kitchen:

Vintage Sink and tap Designed Kitchen

The concept of vintage decor in the kitchen has become one of the most famously selected ideas in decorating the kitchen. The vintage sink is made from a wooden base with copper or steel tap with the unique design.

21. Wooden Ceiling Designed Kitchen:

Wooden Ceiling Designed Kitchen

Wooden ceiling was a standard design seen in all European households which has gained attention in India these days. The ceiling made from wooden bars are quite steady and rigid. These wooden bars are highlighted with LED lights.

22. French Window Kitchen Design:

French Window kitchen design

The French window concept is quite a famous window design which is used in designing hall. This long window is quite comfortable in opening and closing, which helps in good air circulation and reduces smoke around the kitchen.

23. Jet Black Designed Kitchen:

Jet black kitchen design is the ideal color for the Indian kitchen since Indian food contains a lot of colorful spices it is best to go for the black color counter top and stove attached counter with side cabinets. This black colored kitchen suits well with a wooden semicircular side breakfast table.

24. Yacht Style Designed Kitchen:

Yacht style designed Kitchen

Keeping a yacht design as the main concept in designing the kitchen which gives a different level of architectural design in bringing out a unique kitchen concept with wooden ceiling and a curved in appearance with blue flooring.

25. French Style Designer Kitchen:

French Style designer kitchen

This is a modern designer French kitchen with granite counter top. The French style kitchen is known for their calm and simple kitchen design. French people prefer cream as their main color in decorating the kitchen walls and the cabinets.

26. Nordic Style Kitchen Design:

Nordic style Kitchen deisgn

Nordic part of the world is known to keep things very clean and precise. That includes in designing kitchen and maintaining them well. Since maintenance is not an issue, the cabinets are designed in white color with a huge butcher counter top block made from wood.

27. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design:

Eco-friendly Kitchen design

Green is the color of peace as well as a symbol of letting people know to know that we love to be Eco-friendly. This concept of growing small plants is encouraged by setting up the right ambiance which is achieved by painting the green wall and combining white painted dining table with green painted steel chairs.

28. High Shine Glass Counter Top:

High shine glass counter top

This modernized kitchen design can be used in open or closed kitchen concept. The glass can be either simple plain glass counter top or designer glass top which gives a rich look to the kitchen. This glass counter top gives a different look from other stone designed counter top.

29. Bar Stool Designed Kitchen:

Bar stool designed kitchen

The kitchen nowadays is designed with side breakfast table, which needs good chairs accompanying the attached table. Since the breakfast is attached to the L-shaped or triangular shaped kitchen the height of the table is more than the usual one, so high chair is used which is named as the bar chair.

30. Hidden Kitchen Design:

Hidden Kitchen Design

Hidden kitchen design is the best-suited kitchen design for a single room apartment which has a huge hall and a bedroom. This type of kitchen comes under open kitchen category. This kitchen can be used by pushing the wooden frame upward sliding door and then this frame can be closed back and forms as the frame or a false wall.

Designing a kitchen needs good research and knowledge about the products and its durability. Not all the type mentioned above can be used in designing a kitchen. Each design has its own unique identity, but one commonly used design in decorating kitchen will be growing small plants in kitchen which can be used for cooking too. Choose wisely and implement them in your kitchen!

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