9 Latest and Stylish Bathroom Floor Tiles Design Ideas

Before the floor tiles are installed, most of the bathroom fittings are in place, which makes the decision an easy one to make. All you need to sort out is the colour combination and design which will enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom. Separation of wet and dry areas, corners and safety etc. all lie on the flooring. Here are a few designs which will give you a glimpse of the variants of bathroom floor tiles.

Modern and Beautiful Designs of Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas with Photos:

Let we have to look at the top 9 bathroom floor tiles.

1. Classic White Tiles:

bathroom floor tiles

White goes with anything and everything. Bathroom floors look elegant in white and the tile size is just apt for any floor area. You can use it for wet or dry area or both depending on the design. Entire bathroom made in white looks very classy and is trending recently.

2. Black with White Lines:

Black with White Lines

A black matte finish floor is a good option for huge size bathrooms. It is usually combined with white fittings and accessory. To add a style of your own, use solid colours or bold print curtains and towels to give a contemporary designer look. For sizable bathrooms these are suggested to play highlighter roles.

3. The Evergreen Design:

The Evergreen Design

This pattern on floor goes with all kinds of interiors in the bathroom. You can blend it with anything and the results will be outstanding all the time. The glossy nature of these tiles reflects bathroom lights making the space look brighter.

4. Black and White Squares:

Black and White Squares

Black and white has been a traditional combination and is loved by all in modern times too. It is never too much black to too much white in a bathroom’s design and these tiles work for all kinds of grey scale combinations. There also are choices in size of squares which can be made keeping in mind the floor area of the bathroom.

5. Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles look stylish and have a natural colour and texture which no other tile can provide. These can be combined with all shades of brown for a sync or contrast depending on the bathroom’s design. These are mainly used in wet areas of the bathroom because of its texture.

6. Mosaic Tiles:

Mosaic Tiles

Matte finish mosaic tiles are used mainly for traditional taste of designing. These come in several styles and designs to give an elegant look. Using a combination of mosaic tiles, you can also create a carpeted effect on bathroom floors which is mind blowing.

7. Twin Effect:

14863418 - modern bathroom in a luxury apartment

For a big bathroom, you can use a combination of tiles from same colour family for a different look. These can also be used as separators in case there is a step in the bath. For a different look, mosaic tiles can also be used in places to highlight the floor.

8. Tiles and Rocks Combined:

Tiles and Rocks Combined

Two totally different textures and styles blend together to make a floor that is a vision. This flooring is sure to impress anyone who glances at it even once. Rock is rough and tiles are smooth and the outcome is absolutely mesmerising.

9. Abstract Ceramic Tile:

Abstract Ceramic Tile9

Tiles like this, when placed strategically give an illusion of wooden flooring which is absolutely startling. The combination is ideal for all kinds of colours and it is a rare case that this choice would go wrong.

All said and done, make choices which meet the need and design requirement to have place that has much more than style and comfort. The choice of right flooring can make your bathroom look bigger and better.

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