9 Stylish and Best Designs of Bathroom Suites

Choosing a bathroom design is not an easy task. Keeping in mind the people using it, design and space requirements need to be judged wisely. Moreover, one should always choose a style that he/she can associate with and never get bored of. If you have a sizable space, use it to the maximum and incorporate colour, lighting effects and accessory choices which remain in trend forever. If there is the benefit of natural light, you can create a place which will give a perfect look to your bath suite.

Latest and Modern Bathroom Suites Design Ideas with Images:

Here are the some most popular bathroom suites.

1. The Royal Touch:

bathroom suites

Nothing compares the richness of gold and brown interiors. The highlighted wall, four footed bath tub, sun shaped mirror and the rich chandelier take you back in time and relax your senses. The exclusivity of the place lies in the bath tub which looks so rich and steals all the attention.

2. Amidst the Nature:

Amidst the Nature

The huge windows make the interiors colourful like the sky. Placed alongside the huge bath tub, this place is sure to give a close to heavenly feeling. The sober design and stylish lighting adds to its exclusivity.

3. The Spacious One:

The Spacious One

Using a window-side bath tub relaxes the mind and body. This bathroom suite is designed to make it look larger with the right use of glass partitions and stairs. Walls are not clustered with shelves which do justice to the stylish beige and brown tiles combined.

4. Glossy Black:

Glossy Black

Glossy black gives a smart and stylish look combined with white walls and ceiling. The twin styling on the floor gives a division to wet and dry space which is an essential. Jacuzzi and sauna have been placed wisely to make good use of space. The combination will remain evergreen and impressive for a long time.

5. Blue and Bright:

Blue and Bright

What you witness here is a design that will tempt you to own something of this kind in your life. The shade of blue is blissful and the space looks huge with placements of bathroom basics at the right place. The light reflection on glossy tiles highlights the space and the room appears bigger.

6. The Right White:

The Right White

For those who say white is dull and boring, should have a look at this piece of work. This white will tempt and tease your senses and is nowhere close to bore you. The pillar is used perfectly to separate the bathing and toilet area without blocking any space.

7. Tiled Walls:

When your bathroom is bigger lengthwise, have mirror to your rescue to make it appear broader as well. Wet area is at the extreme end so that rest of the bathroom remains clean. Two walls highlighted, this place looks wider with perfect use of the mirrors and lighting effects.

8. Glossy and Matte Combination:

Glossy and Matte Combination

Hunting for something totally different! Try using a combination of glossy and matte marbles for separation of dry area and highlight the walls with light effects. Black, white, silver and brown have been used without looking out of sync anywhere. Stylish shower accessory gives a contemporary look.

9. Grey and White:

Grey and White

For a look that will impress you every time you enter your bathroom, try a white and grey combination and team up with solid coloured decor. Gold finished glass shower and mirror look fabulous against the grey and make the bathroom nothing less than marvellous.

Nothing is perfect, but by blending the right idea with right space these suites has got an impressive and tempting look. The whole concept comes to life when pleasure is combined with requirement.

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