Smashing Thick Curtain Designs For House – Our Top 9

Thick curtains are mostly chosen by people due to its protective nature. The fabric is little thick which prevents you from outside climate. The people inside will get shelter from heat, cold, rain and dust. Thick curtains won’t let all these things enter inside. Thick curtains also make your room dark. In day time also you need to switch on your tube lights and it will increase your electricity bill.

Latest & Fantastic Thick Curtain Designs For Home Decoration:

Thick curtains are always best in selection, so try these top 9 thick curtains.

1. Thick Insulated Curtain:

It is thick thermal curtain in dual pattern. The solid beige curtain is plain inside and outside there is lace curtain. The transparent lace curtain is having nice beautiful work. The curtain is hanged to create divider in between living room.

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2. Leaf Thick Lined Curtains:

This thick lined curtain is having lining pattern of leaf design. The curtain is having vertical leaf line design of three colours. The colourful leaf pattern on white thick curtain is appearing out so amazing and it beautifies the whole room.

3. Thick Box Curtain:

It is thick white curtain having box design on it. We can also say that the curtain is designed with checks pattern. The dark paint of room gets highlighted with white colour curtain. This white door curtain prevents from outer atmosphere.

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4. Thick Quality Curtain:

It is cheap thick curtain in two fabrics. There are two curtains hanged on this door and both are in light fabric. The curtain is having big leaves design and upper and below little portion is empty. It is two shaded curtain of same colour.

5. Thick Pencil Pleat Curtain:

This thick curtain for winter is highly desirable during cold. The fabric of this curtain is much thick to protect you from coldness. The red curtain contains floral print with pencil pleat on top. The cushion cover is also having same print.

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6. Four Poster Thick Curtains For Bedroom:

This thick curtain for bedroom is used to cover the bed area when slept. The curtain is thick silk with black and golden stripes. The whole bed is covered with curtain. The curtain is knotted with four pillars of bed and rest is rolled over.

7. Thick Cloudy Curtain:

It is kids’ favorite thick thermal curtains in blue colour. The blue curtain is having white cloudy design which itself gives feeling of rainy season. It is light blue sheer curtain inside and thick curtain outside. Both possess cloud print.

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8. Thick Floral Curtain:

This thick bedroom curtain is having floral print in between curtain. It is red flower print on cream base. The top and below part of curtain is embellished with cream checks design on red fabric. The curtain design is looking marvelous.

9. Attractive Thick Curtain:

It is stunning long thick curtain with city print. The curtain is decorated with big houses on both sides and Middle Street is having few dining tables. These dining tables are having umbrella roof and few trees are also planted nearby.

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Apart from its protective quality, it also makes you feel safe. There may be different pleat designs and print patterns in thick window curtains. It emphasizes the quality of thick fabric and fulfills the need of public at large. Thick fabrics are long-lasting and durable. You will get bore of same curtain but the curtain will not get tired off.