Top 9 Curtain Accessories

Hanging curtain is not enough. You need to have so many other things with it too. With curtain, there will be rod, pole, ring and so many other things too. You need to select so many things with single curtain. But when fitted and hanged it will look fantastic. You can also match each thing with it. All this decoration will bright up your room and will give new appearance. You can number of curtains with you to keep changing but these accessories will be same with all curtains.

Best Curtain Accessories:

Here are the top 9 curtain accessories with images.

1. Fine Curtain Rod:

It is curtain rod accessory in many varieties. These are fitted over window and then curtains are hanged. There are many designs in this steel curtain rod. Some are having round end while one is in sharp cut. Try this one to get a catchy look.

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2. Curtain Plastic Ring:

These plastic rings are hanged on curtain pole accessory. It is circular with an arrow with half-moon. A curtain is to be dazzled on this hook. As it is plastic in nature, your curtain even needs to be light in weight.

3. Wooden Curtain Pole Accessories:

This window curtain accessory is in wooden material with white colour. The wood pole is having somewhat rust design on it. Even the rings affixed with this rod are of wood. This wooden pole is strong enough to carry weight of curtain.

4. Curtain Track Accessories:

This curtain track accessory is apt for window which is in circular shape. Plastic tracks are attached in series with this rod. It is decorous. This curtain track is looking highly awesome and gorgeous. It is easily movable material.

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5. Curved Curtain Rail Accessories:

It is curved curtain rail accessory in stainless steel. Hooks are fixed on this rod and on this hook curtain is to be hanged. This type of curved rod is mostly used in bathroom to cover shower area. It is insubstantial.

6. Curtain Hanging Beads:

It is curtain hanging accessory in beads. This beaded string is used to tie up the curtain. It is made up of thread work. This bead mala is attached with plastic cap which is garnished well. Frills of thread are draped on this plastic cap.

7. Twist and Fit Rod:

This curtain fitting accessory is to be fitted on door or window. It is having twisting pattern which goes around to rod from window wood. It is to be fitted strongly to give a tough support. It is foldable and can be opened like roller.

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8. Curtain Tie:

This curtain hanging accessory is having beautiful thread work. A swirl swing is attached with curtain to tie it up. It then goes down with two crystal buttons having hole in between. Thread feathers are hanging with this swirl string.

9. Curtain Napkin Ring:

It is an artist creation of window accessory. This silver gold ring is used to cover the middle area of curtain. It is having white thick lines on it with golden rose design. This ring looks fabulous on this curtain.

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Having strong accessories will give strength to curtain. Delicate accessory with heavy weight curtain can also sometimes cause to fall. There may be plastic, wooden and metal material available with curtain to highlight the beauty of overall curtain. You will get more options while looking good type of curtain accessories; try some low to high budget accessory as per your choice too.

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