5 Signs You’re More Than Just Friends

5 Signs You’re More Than Just Friends

Female-male friendships can take a funny turn when feelings for one another become deeper and more intimate. This is the perfect moment to read through the 5 signs you’re more than just friends.

Analyze your relationship with a close friend and see whether you’ll be able to detect some of these factors. Make the best decision to preserve the special bond between you and your pal.

No.1 He Tells You He’ll Miss You

Guys who appreciate your company and have serious intentions take the risk to tell you that they’ll miss you while you’re on a holiday. This is one of the signs to pay special attention to. React in a way that would make him comfortable with his confession. A simple ‘I’ll miss you too’ or ‘Thank You’ will do.

5 Signs You’re More Than Just Friends

No.2 Friends Start to Notice The Special Bond

Friends can see the relationships from the close circle in a different perspective. At times they’ll be eager to tease you and your buddy with various remarks.

Blushing might seem embarrassing, however in this case this is the best sign that things are getting pretty serious.

No.3 Hours Long Conversations You Simply Love

If you’re simply fond of having long conversations with your pal, it can be considered the first sign of having romantic intentions.

You’ll talk about your work, daily schedule as well as more serious subjects. Time passes without even noticing that you were chatting for long hours.

No.4 He Stopped Talking About Ex-Girlfriends

This is a clear sign that he no longer feels comfortable talking about ex-girlfriends. One reason for this might be the intention to avoid hurting your feelings or making a bad impression. If you feel the same discomfort when it comes to chatting about your former boyfriends, your friendship clearly changed and gave birth to deeper feelings.

No.5 You’re Irritated If He Goes Out On A Date With A New Girl

Jealousy is one of the most obvious signs of strong emotions and romance. If you feel irritated if he goes out on a date with a new girl and viceversa, your friendship is slowly turning into something more intimate.

5 Signs You’re More Than Just Friends

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