6 Expert Flirting Tips for a Dream Date

6 Expert Flirting Tips for a Dream Date

Dating coaches furnish you with a few simple tricks to improve your dating life and guarantee the success of your flirting techniques. Conquer the heart of cute guys and make a smashing first impression. The 6 expert flirting tips for a dream date below will keep you busy for the next months especially if you’re in a hunt for a beau.

1. Use Secret Tools

Dating coaches help you experience the success of a series of fun dates. The first step to make sure you’ll have many things to talk about with your cutie is to use secret tools. An unusual jewelry design, accessories, a mesmerizing fragrance or a book in your bag can be perfect conversation starters. Guys are simply amazed by girls who have interesting hobbies and a unique clothing style.

6 Expert Flirting Tips for a Dream Date

2. Color Tricks

Color Consultant Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Pantone Color Institute, offers you the ultimate trick to attract more guys.

According to studies, men are allured by women who are dressed in peach or soft pink tones. These shades suit every skin tone and radiate sensuality and romance. Experiment with this trick to see its impact on your dating life.

3. Be in the Center of His Attention

Believe it or not, spacial psychology can help you make a smashing first impression. When heading to a date, make sure you choose the table or the spot in the center of the room.

Sitting near the wall can be pretty depressing and will ruin your chances for success. Keep in mind this simple expert trick for your upcoming dates.

4. Take Up Less Space

Love gurus teach you how to communicate your serious intentions without being too obvious. Use your body language to win the heart of your cutie. The secret of the ideal sitting position is offered by the popular dating coach Patti Woods who claims that “to be very approachable, women should stand with their feet no farther than 6 inches apart with toes pointed slightly inward”. This trick will help them look more vulnerable and at the same time attractive for all men.

5. The Power of a Fragrance

Vanilla and cinnamon are two of the most alluring scents for men. If you want to use all the secret weapons to make a memorable first impression, be sure to wear either of these man magnet perfumes. Cinnamon is also considered one of the most popular aphrodisiacs.

6. The ‘Oh Sure You Do’ Magic Line

In order to radiate a cool and radiate charisma all you have to do is incorporate this short sentence into your conversation. When your date is showing off his best assets and qualities say, ‘Oh Sure You Do’ and he’ll immediately notice your sense of humor. Practice first date conversations to act naturally later on.

6 Expert Flirting Tips for a Dream Date