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6 Questions Guys Hope You Never Ask

6 Questions Guys Hope You Never Ask

Communication is very important in a relationship! That’s a fact, however, it seems that there are several subjects guys don’t want to talk about.

Furthermore, ladies can often torture their significant other with questions, they just can’t find the right answer to. If you’re ready for another lesson on how to improve your communication skills and decode the behavior of your loved one, read through this article on the 6 questions guys hope you never ask.

1. Do I Look Fat/Chubby?

Guys are simply irritated by this question! As a consequence, do yourself a favor and save yourself from conflicts by skipping this subject. Look from reassurance from other sources and stay confident to radiate sexiness and femininity. If you’re lusting after compliments, it’s time to explore other ways of getting these. Stop torturing your loved one with stupid questions that annoy him.

6 Questions Guys Hope You Never Ask

2. Do You Enjoy Spending Time with Your Friends More Than With Me?

The magical question which in the majority of cases leads to an imminent conflict. Girls can often become pretty possessive wanting to spend most of their time with their boyfriend.

However, leading an active social life is important to inject some versatility in your relationship. In order to stop annoying him with these delicate questions, try to cope with the fact that your sweetie loves to spend time with his pals.

3. Can I Bring Over Some of My Must-Haves?

If men feel threatened, they can become pretty aggressive and will definitely surprise you with their answers. Those girls who are ready to accept any answer, should try their luck by asking the magical question.

Guys often find it a threat if you invade their private space and store your stuff in their home. This discussion works only if you’re 100% sure that your relationship is on the right track to become a long-lasting bond.

4. Have You Thought About the Future of Our Relationship?

The pressure of marriage and ‘happily ever after’ makes men feel more insecure and trapped in a hopeless situation. This question can reveal unexpected opinions which might seem pretty disappointing if you had the ideal answers in mind. Skip these BIG TALK-type discussions and let various situations decide the actual future of your relationship.

5. What Are You Thinking About?

Numerous studies demonstrated that guys can think about multiple things while having a conversation with a person. Therefore, the question ‘What are you thinking about?’ might reveal an unexpected answer. If you want him to tell you he’s thinking only about you, you’re fooling yourself. Instead, stay realistic and if you’re really interested in his thoughts, accept all kinds of answers and don’t feel offended if he mentions the ball game, work or his parents.

6. Are You Attracted to Those Women?

It can be pretty exhausting to suppress all kinds of instinctive gestures, like scanning a person to find what you really like in him/her. Therefore, make sure you don’t expect impossible things from your cutie. Asking this no-no question will definitely trigger a series of conflicts. Insecurity can be one of the negative factors which ruin a relationship. The key to radiate confidence is to stay calm and warn him only if you’ve noticed some signs of flirting.

6 Questions Guys Hope You Never Ask

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