6 Questions to Ask After a Breakup

6 Questions to Ask After a Breakup

6 Questions to Ask After a Breakup

Divorce or the moment of breaking up is often preceded by a series of unfortunate and painful events. Fights, conflicts and embarrassing silence are only some of the most important warning signs which anticipate the end of a relationship. Skim through these 6 questions to ask after a breakup to help you move on and find closure.

1. Did You Make Unnecessary Compromises?

Love is definitely blind. Deep emotions can make you see things in a different light. At times you’re even willing to make unnecessary compromises just to please your partner. However, after the pink veil falls, you start to think things through and you tend to consider your interests more important than the common ones. If this was the case in your past relationship, it is wise to learn from your mistakes.

6 Questions to Ask After a Breakup

2. Could You Have Changed Something In Your Relationship?

This is a delicate question, however, it is important to tackle it, in order to be able to move on with your life.

Be totally honest with yourself and discover your mistakes which could have led to the end of your relationship. After you’ve finished the list, you’ll feel more relaxed.

3. What Did You Like About Him?

Relationship experts advise you to put this must-have question to yourself, in order to channel your anger into talking and confessions rather than preserving it in your soul.

Look for qualities which attracted you in your ex-boyfriend and keep them in your memories to be able to move on.

4. What Are Some of the Tricky Qualities to Keep an Eye On?

Now, you know that there are some traits and gestures which can undermine a harmonious relationship. In order to make the best option next time, it is important to make a virtual list of the worst traits of your ex-boyfriend. Keep an eye on guys who own the same qualities or vices and decide whether you’re willing to take the risk of another disappointing experience.

5. Could You Actually Imagine the Happily Ever After With Him?

When you’re overwhelmed by the painful experience of a breakup, it is wise to stop for a moment and think about the future of your relationship. Ask yourself whether you could imagine the happily ever after with this person or it was just an illusion and you were not 100% sure of your intentions. If the answer is ‘no’, consider the advantages of moving on and finding the right person.

6. Who Changed Radically?

If your past relationship gives you many headaches, it’s time to go through a few issues and clarify things a bit. One of the questions you should definitely put to yourself is, who changed radically? If it was you, try to find the triggering factor which forced you to act weird and distant with your significant other. If it was him, it is also a must to look for a few reasons which led to various conflicts.

6 Questions to Ask After a Breakup