6 Signs You May Be Forcing Your Relationship

6 Signs You May Be Forcing Your Relationship

People often think only about their own interest and refuse to pay special attention to a few important warning signs. In most of the cases we tend to be blind to see that a relationship enters into a decline phase.

In order to make sure you won’t ruin the special bond with your boyfriend, read through this brief list of 6 signs you may be forcing your relationship.

1. You Initiate The Discussions

Some guys might seem too reserved to initiate communications. However, after you get to know each other more profoundly this seems an excuse you can easily rule out. If your boyfriend is not interested in having a conversation with you about your future or any other subjects that concern your person or life, it’s time to re-consider your future plans. There’s no need to flood him with text messages or late night calls. Instead, keep your eyes open and don’t let yourself be shocked by his decisions.

6 Signs You May Be Forcing Your Relationship

2. Only You Have Common Plans

You’re the first who comes up with a common activity to spend some precious time with your cutie?

It seems that he’s not interested at all to include you into his schedule. It’s high-time to ask him about his feelings, his plans and whether these include you too.

3. He Never Talks About The Future

You seem to give away your plans for the future which include your cutie too. In spite of the fact that he seems to skip these delicate subjects, you still think he has serious intentions with your relationship?

You’re wrong! Guys who are ready to commit have no problem talking about these delicate matters.

4. No Compromise

If your partner refuses to make even the tiniest compromise when it comes to your life as a couple, it is wise to ask him about his real intention with this relationship. Rejection can be one of the most important warning signs you must definitely consider when analyzing your marriage or love life.

5. You Have to Ask Him How He Feels

If you feel the need to ask your sweetie about his real feelings and what he thinks about your relationship, it’s time to re-consider your future. Guys who never talk about what they feel are either annoyed by this subject or are not interested at all to share their needs and wishes with their partner.

6. No Room For Serious Subjects

Your cutie is reluctant to have a serious conversation with you. Girls are fond of heart-to-heart talks whereas boys seem to find these discussions a real burden. Re-evaluate your relationship if you didn’t have a similar conversation for weeks.

6 Signs You May Be Forcing Your Relationship

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