6 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

6 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Surviving the trauma of a breakup can make you see clearer. If you’re not done with your past relationship and you still have feelings for him, check out our list of the 6 signs that show your ex wants you back.

Read through these basic guidelines and make the best decision for the future. Whether you decide to talk to him or close this period in your life it is wise to decode the behavior of your ex-boyfriend, especially if he remained in your closest circle.

1. Your Friends Told You He Was Asking About You

If it was an insignificant and impersonal question, your friends would not have mentioned it. Therefore, keep in mind his gesture to draw the best conclusions. If your ex asks about you, it is clear that he’s interested and may have deeper feelings for you once the breakup crisis is over.

6 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

2. He Attends the Same Places and Clubs You Attended as A Couple

If your ex-boyfriend is still interested in the places and events you’ve attended as a couple, there are great chances that he still feels something about you.

The majority of guys who want to forget about their ex will never visit the same places they visited with their girlfriend.

3.He Talks About the Time Spent in Separation Without Asking

Guys often do this gesture unconsciously in order to keep their ex up-to-date with their life.

These boys care about what their ex-girlfriend has to say about their behavior and new lifestyle.

4. He Says His Family Misses You

It is a pleasure to hear that his family asked about how you’re doing. However, this can be also a secret message used by guys to show you that you could be part of his life again. Saying that he misses you would be too bold and risky, therefore, he uses his family as the perfect tool to do this.

5. He Compliments You

Compliments are clear signs of affection. If your ex is eager to praise you for various things, he definitely wants more than a friendly relationship. Boys who don’t feel embarrassed by making compliments want you to see their emotional and romantic side.

6. He Looks You In The Eye Each Time You Meet

Visual contact is extremely revealing. Therefore, notice whether he’s eager to look at you in the eye when meeting at various events. Only guys who are don’t feel any guilt and are not embarrassed can keep the eye contact for more minutes.

6 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

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