6 Signs Your Feelings Are Stronger Than His

6 Signs Your Feelings Are Stronger Than His

6 Signs Your Feelings Are Stronger Than His

Decode your cutie’s feelings using a few useful guidelines offered by professional love gurus. If your boyfriend is not that communicative, it is time to analyze his body language and gestures.

The following 6 signs will clarify the depth of your emotions. See whether you’re in love and your sweetie is only in the initial phase of the relationship. Keep in mind these tricks to make a quick check to your love life.

1.You Need More Affection

If you need more affection and you tend to pull him back for an extra hug, it means you have stronger feelings than him. You cutie usually wants to finish hugging more quickly and he also closes the late night conversations earlier? Keep an eye on this sign and analyze your relationship with care.

6 Signs Your Feelings Are Stronger Than His

2. You’ve Met Only A Few of His Friends

If your sweetie loves to hang out with your friends, however, you’re kind of kept at a fair distance from his closest circle, it’s time to start worrying about your relationship.

Guys who want to spend more time with their girlfriend will invite her to various events where their friends can also see her. Organizing series of guy’s nights may not be the best sign of a strong relationship. If this annoys you, you’re definitely in the falling in love phase and he’s stuck in the dating one.

3. You Make the Planning of Activities

You just can’t accept an invitation from your friends without consulting your boyfriend? You’re definitely in love with your significant other. A clear warning sign is when he makes individual plans with his friends without asking for any feedback from you.

4. His Parents Know Nothing About You

This is one of the most painful experiences, especially if you’re invited to a dinner and it turns out that they know nothing about you. Love gurus will consider it a clear sign of his superficial feelings. If you’re offended by your boyfriend’s gesture, it’s time to have the BIG talk and see in which phase is your relationship.

5. The Eternal ‘Maybe’ Answer

You have long-term plans with this relationship, however, you get an oh-so-annoying, ‘MAYBE’ all the time? This is one of the worst signs of the fact that you’re not in the same phase of your relationship. Guys often use this response as the secret weapon to suggest that they are not ready to commit.

6. You Text Him For No Reason

You see something that seems funny or would definitely interest your sweetie, you grab your phone and text him immediately? If the response is either a boring or a ‘leave-me-alone’ type of one, you’re definitely on the wrong track with this relationship. The fact that he spares you from cute text messages means that you’re not on his mind.

6 Signs Your Feelings Are Stronger Than His