7 Imperfections That Guys Find Sexy

7 Imperfections That Guys Find Sexy

7 Imperfections That Guys Find Sexy

It’s high-time to take an insight into the mysterious fantasies of men about the ideal woman. Ladies must strip off their confidence issues and start being proud of their unique features. These 7 imperfections that guys find sexy will definitely teach you how to be proud of being special even if it means owning a unique feature considered a beauty flaw by many.

Stand out from the crowd with your radiant confidence. Stop obsessing over small details and think about the overall image. Check out these ‘imperfections’ considered super-hot by most of the guys out there.

No. 1 Love Handles

Guys are fond of curvy silhouettes which radiate femininity. Love handles are only some of the ‘imperfections’ men find attractive. Make sure you don’t flaunt it in an aggressive and tawdry way. Instead let him discover these.

7 Imperfections That Guys Find Sexy

No. 2 Gap Teeth

Girls with a gap-toothed smile will often get frustrated. However, with the appearance of top models having this tiny imperfection, this feature became a real treasure.

Men consider girls with this trait unique and super-cute. Learn how to bring out the most of this sexy detail.

No.3 Small Breasts

There’s no need for implants or push-up bras when you get the chance to find out that guys find small breasts just as attractive as larger ones.

Sport a V-neck top and flaunt the beauty of your firm and natural breasts. Skip wearing bra to have that catwalk-style supermodel allure.

No.4 Crooked Noses

Rhynoplasty is out of the question when it comes to crooked noses. Be proud of your unique feature and radiate confidence. This trick will make men fall in love with you right away. Use makeup to bring out the most of your best assets.

No.5 Less Muscular Arms

Muscular arms are not that attractive in the eyes of men. In order to stay feminine there’s no need to spend long hours at the gym. Skip muscle-treatment especially when it comes to your arms. Guys are often intimidated by girls who have a perfectly-toned body.

No.6 Glasses

Girls often consider glasses a real burden. However, it seems guys are simply impressed by girls who wear these accessories. Indeed, you’ll appear more intelligent and confident. Use makeup to emphasize your eyes and have an alluring glimpse.

No.7 Wide Hips

Wide hips radiate femininity and attract guys who are fond of curves. Be proud of your silhouette in order to show off your confident side and sex-appeal. Numerous studies demonstrated that men are unconsciously attracted to wide hips as the ultimate sign of fertility.

7 Imperfections That Guys Find Sexy