7 Secret Things Guys Find Sexy About You

7 Secret Things Guys Find Sexy About You

7 Secret Things Guys Find Sexy About You

Your appearance is only one of the most important things spotted by men. However, there are also other factors that seem extremely attractive and sight-pampering to gents.

Read through our brief review of 7 secret things guys find sexy about you in order to master the art of seduction. The surface is not everything. It is essential to work on other aspects of your personality to make sure you steal the heart of your cutie. Keep in mind a few flirting and dating strategies to turn yourself into a real treasure for all guys.

No.1 Your Voice

Men have a special sense to distinguish different voices. Whether your voice is soft and gentle or more smokey, your cutie will definitely love it. Use different tricks to manipulate your voice and make yourself even more attractive.

7 Secret Things Guys Find Sexy About You

No.2 Your Dance Style

Make sure you don’t overdo your dance moves and maintain your flirty allure. Guys are simply mesmerized by a feminine or cute dance style.

There’s no need to learn a choreography to win his heart, instead rely on your sense of rhythm and keep it cool!

No.3 Your Wit

Flaunt your wit each time the situation allows it. Guys are fond of confident and at the same time, funny answers and lines. Shyness is not always the best means to conquer the heart of the opposite sex.

No.4 The Way You Walk

Use this secret weapon to flaunt your sex-appeal. Hip-swinging is no longer necessary. Instead, stay confident and wear shoes that make you comfortable. Make sure you skip wearing killer heels that challenge your walking skills.

No.5 Your Laugh

Your laugh is unique as a fingerprint. The more you show it off, the more attractive you’ll become. Guys find it ultra-sexy if you have a feminine and ear-pampering laughter.

No.6 The Way You Smell

Perfumes can only add an extra sex-appeal boost to your look. However, men are fond of your natural smell. This clearly has something to do with pheromones as numerous studies demonstrated. Keep the perfume use low and rely on the mesmerizing power of bath and body lotions.

No.7 Your Adventurous Side

Show off your confidence and trust in your partner by being up for various activities. Men are attracted to women who are not afraid of experimenting with new things and have the courage to fail if that’s the price for acquiring unique experiences.

7 Secret Things Guys Find Sexy About You