7 Signs You Are Over Your Ex

7 Signs You Are Over Your Ex

Breakups can be extremely hard to recover from yet we all know that, as cheesy as it might sound, time is really a great healer. Moving on can be a complex process and it’s not easy to always pinpoint the exact stage you are in. The ups and downs that inevitably occur make it even more difficult to tell whether you are really making enough progress towards your goal. Nonetheless, there are a few pretty accurate signs that indicate whether or not you are on the fast track to recovery. Here are some of the most important ones:

7 Signs You Are Over Your Ex

1.You see your past relationship as a learning experience Pain, anger or bitter feelings no longer haunt you when you are re-analyzing your past relationship. Instead, you manage to see both the qualities and the flaws of the person that once held a special place in your heart and no longer feel the need to assign blame. You intend to use the past useful experiences and feedback to make better decisions in the future.

2.You don’t feel the need to establish contact If the need to check out his/her profile for clues about his/her status, secret hopes of reconnecting or the desire to ran into him have greatly faded, your priorities are starting to change. The acceptance stage of the fact that you won’t be together again is now truly complete.

3.You don’t cringe at the thought of running into him/her You stopped trying to imagine scenarios about how you’ll react when you see him/her. Feeling weak in the knees or filled with anger are not emotions that come to mind as you have stopped worrying about what she/he might be thinking when he sees you or how he/she feels about you.

4.You feel ready to start something new You are not actively looking for someone to fill the void that your ex left. You might not be ready to jump back into a serious relationship but the fact that such possibilities sound appealing are a powerful indication you are now prepared to move on.

5.You don’t compare potential dates with your ex Measuring potential dates is not done by relating to your ex. Instead, you evaluate your compatibility with the person you are dating by your own set of standards, needs and desires that have nothing to do with the person that is no longer part of your life.

6.You don’t over compensate You no longer feel the need to show your ex that he made a huge mistake by leaving you by dressing up or painting a rosy picture of your life. Your mood is no longer altered at the prospect of him/her moving on because frankly, you are too busy worrying about more important things and meeting your objectives.

7.You aren’t bothered by his/her new relationship You thought you would be devastated to see that he/she is involved in a new relationship. However, when hearing the news or seeing it for yourself, your reaction is far from being what you expected as his/her behavior no longer hurts you.

7 Signs You Are Over Your Ex

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