7 Surprising Things That Turn Guys Off

7 Surprising Things That Turn Guys Off

Girls are not always aware of the fact that some of their gestures can irritate their partner. In order to preserve the harmony in your relationship, it is also important to pay special attention to the tiniest details.

Use our guide of 7 surprising things that turn guys off to avoid a series of conflicts and embarrassing situations. Stay attractive and be sure to leave out your cutie from a few delicate beauty rituals and activities.

No.1 Wearing Their Underwear

Girls often consider it a fun and sexy thing to walk around in the boxers of their cutie. However, guys consider it pretty unattractive and bizarre. In order to offer him a visually pleasing experience wear your own lingerie. Don’t try to be funny or inventive. Instead, use your feminine curves to sweep your boyfriend off his feet.

7 Surprising Things That Turn Guys Off

No.2 Tears

Believe it or not, guys tend to be turned off by your tears. Compassion is one thing, however you’ll become immediately less attractive in their eyes.

Numerous studies demonstrated that this phenomenon has something to do with smelling. Men who sense the saline solution on your face have a negative reaction which can last until you’ll get over your depressive period.

No.3 Pedicure and Nail Clipping

Guys seem to have serious problems with watching their girlfriend do her regular pedicure. Nail clipping is considered a more intimate beauty ritual that should be done in private.

Instead, guys love perfectly polished nails and a beautiful feet. However, witnessing the process of nail painting and polishing is a real no-no for the majority of men.

No.4 Lollipop-style Sweet Scents

Scientific researchers demonstrated that men are normally attracted to fresh and floral scents and not the super-sweet and fruity aromas.

If you’re fond of your girly perfume, experiment with this trick to see which aroma wins. Consider the numerous scientific studies that analyzed the preferences of men related to alluring perfumes.

No.5 Changing Your Hairstyle From One Day To Another

Some guys are pretty conservative and like things the way they’ve got used to them. Changing your hairstyle from one day to another without asking his opinion can lead to serious conflicts. Those girls who want to seem too strong will definitely turn off guys. In order to maintain the harmony of your relationship it is important to show your sweetie that his opinion also counts.

No.6 Duckface On Photos

It might seem pretty funny to use this cute facial expression on photos. However, the majority of guys find the duckface move embarrassing and too fake. Use your natural smile to make a smashing impression and keep the kissy face for other occasions.

No.7 Body Hair

‘Au naturelle’ works only for the face. Body hair is one of the most delicate issues you should pay special attention to. Men are attracted by ladies with super-smooth skin. Hair removal should be included in your weekly beauty routine.

7 Surprising Things That Turn Guys Off

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