BOHEM Nail Jewellery Range

BOHEM Nail Jewellery Range

BOHEM Nail Jewellery Range

The BOHEM nail jewellery range might just be the start a whole new nail trend which brings luxury in the spotlight. Lately, we’ve seen a fairly strong tendency for injecting a touch of luxury. The 18 karat gold leaf top coat from the OPI Skyfall line, the Azature Diamond nail polish line which contains real black diamond in every bottle and now the British company’s new range all point out to the development of a whole new segment, a high-end one.

The new BOHEM nail appliques aren’t necessarily boho chic as the name might imply even though the diversity of patterns available is likely to appeal to those who prefer such accents as well. The BOHEM nail appliques are made out of genuine precious metals such as sterling silver (925), 9ct gold (375), 18ct gold (750), 22ct gold (916) or platinum (950), so the term nail jewellery is not taken lightly. Since everyone’s nails are different, these come in different sizes to fit all kinds of needs. If you’re thinking about offering some of the new products as a gift, the producers advise choosing the medium size since it works for 95% of the cases. Still, the return policy can solve any inaccuracies regarding the sizing.

BOHEM Nail Jewellery RangeBOHEM Nail Jewellery Range

Since preferences regarding nail art designs are extremely varied, the new BOHEM nail range comes with several motifs neatly organized by the defined motif or theme. Black, Choc, Classic, Gold, Gothic, Gypsy, Lilac, Muse Blue, Pretty in Pink, Red Hot and Vintage are the ranges the label currently offers. Having trouble deciding what types of BOHEM nail appliques work best for different occasions? No worries, as the brand brings some helpful suggestions as well.

To apply you’ll need an adhesive tab in addition to your favorite BOHEM nail applique. The label explains the process by breaking it into nine easy steps on its official website. It’s important to note that nail jewellery and acentone based nail polish removers don’t mix well, so should definitely be avoided. The BOHEM nail jewellery should last for at least 24 hours if properly applied.

BOHEM Nail Jewellery RangeBOHEM Nail Jewellery RangeBOHEM Nail Jewellery Range

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