Catrice Cucuba Nail Polish Collection 2020

Catrice Cucuba Nail Polish Collection 2020

With all the new alternatives for fall that are hitting the market is quite easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, it can be quite difficult to envision abruptly transitioning to fall when you’re still wearing your favorite sandals and fantasizing about the perfect beach parties of the season. However, as the reality changes, retailers are coming with new options to help make the beauty transition easier.

One of the best initiatives of this sort comes from Catrice which caters to our in between season needs and brings five delightful new nail polish tones to help us stay stylish at all times. As the name implies, the label has used Cuba as the source of inspiration behind these lustworthy tones. Vibrant,colorful and ultra flattering these tones are the perfect beauty tool when you’re trying to get gorgeous with little effort. Add long lasting shine to the mix of desirable attributes of the new tones and you’ll definitely see why these lacquers are current must-haves.

Catrice Cucuba Nail Polish Collection 2020

If you’re into preserving your sunny weather mood as much as possible, you’ll love the new fabulous options that have an instant power to put a smile on your face and get you in the party mode with the fun names if noting else. The newest offerings of the brand are:

01 Sunny Side – bright yellow

02 Reggaeton – flattering brown

03 Salsa Cubana – radiant coral

04 Havana Drum – a gorgeous neutral

05 Take It Mint – soft mint green

The new tones are already available and will be available only until September so if you fancy any of these delightful tones, make sure not to postpone the purchase too much.

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