Chic Vintage Make-up

Chic Vintage Make-up

A chic vintage makeup look doesn’t necessarily imply having makeup artist skills, so if you’re looking for some easy-to-do vintage makeup looks take a peek at these tips:

Vintage Eye Makeup:Take a deep breath and mark inside the waterline on the upper lid by using a black kohl pencil then the inside of the lower lid.

Use a matte blue eye shadow to the upper mobile eyelid from lash line to crease and bring the same color on the lower lash line. You will get extremely harsh contour of the eyes, but soften the edges by blending with a fluffy brush. Then using your finger, add a drop of clear lip gloss over eye shadow dabbing it into the color.

Apply plenty of mascara for volume, especially to the upper lashes.

Chic Vintage Make-up

For the face, use a foundation with illuminating effect, then take a bronzing powder with rich golden reflexes. Apply the powder (after shacking the excess off the brush) emphasizing the cheek-bones and softly the jaw-line, the base of nose and the extremes of the forehead. You need transparent lip gloss with pearly reflexes, what will give a delicate and stylish shine to your lips.

Chic Vintage Make-upChic Vintage Make-up

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