Ciate Suncatcher Summer 2020 Nail Polishes

Ciate Suncatcher Summer 2020 Nail Polishes

The Ciate Suncatcher summer 2020 collection is the latest obsession inducing line prepared by the label. Despite being a relatively new presence to the industry, the label has instantly created a well deserved trendsetter reputation. This why whenever we hear the name Ciate, we instinctively prepare ourselves for something incredibly cool. The new nail polishes for summer 2020 might be subdued by the label’s standards, but that doesn’t mean they are any less exciting.

The Ciate Suncatcher nail polishes for summer 2020 are inspired by Miami and summer parties. Summer is all about having fun and experimenting with bold hues, which is why all the tones included in the collection are bold and eye-catching.

To truly put one in the party mood, the new shades have some seriously catchy names such as: Mango Martini, Raspberry Collins, Red Hot Chili, Pool Party, Palm Tree. In the mood for party and summer vacations yet? Well, if these shades seem a little too ordinary for your taste, you’ll definitely want to invest in the Afterglow topcoat.

Ciate Suncatcher Summer 2020 Nail PolishesCiate Suncatcher Summer 2020 Nail Polishes

Remember how we said that Ciate always stays true to its trendsetter status? Well, this is definitely for the latest Ciate summer 2020 collection and the topcoat is the thing that can turn an ordinary mani into a fabulous statement. If you’ve ever wanted to have glow in the dark nails, the Afterglow topcoat is a definite must have. It seems that glow in the dark makeup is quite a hit among statement loving fashionistas. If After Glow lip products from the Stila Festival of Color collection turns out to be a bit too much for you, florescent nails might be a better choice.

Ciate Suncatcher Summer 2020 Nail PolishesCiate Suncatcher Summer 2020 Nail PolishesCiate Suncatcher Summer 2020 Nail Polishes

If patience is not one of your virtues, you probably won’t like hearing that you’ll have to wait a while before purchasing your favorite shade from the Ciate Suncatcher summer 2020 collection. It won’t be long though as the new collection is scheduled to be released in mid July. Each nail polish bottle will retail for $15.

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