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Do It Yourself Hairstyle – French Twist Updo

Do It Yourself Hairstyle – French Twist Updo

Hair gathered into a relaxed-chic updo oozes femininity and class. French women are known far and wide for being very sophisticated and stylish.

Get inspired by them find out how to get the stylish but updated French Twist!

The French twist can be worn very tight and pristine, or you can add some curl and volume to it.

Apply thickening lotion to damp hair, before roughly drying and teasing lightly at the crown as this will help give the hair richness and enhance the grip of the bobby pins as if they’re pinned on freshly washed hair they might easily come undone. This is why this is a perfect next-day hairstyle as it works better on slightly greasy hair.

Do It Yourself Hairstyle – French Twist UpdoDo It Yourself Hairstyle – French Twist Updo

Make a perfect deep side part and create a twist at the back of the head, pinning as you go. Smooth through bangs with fingers, tucking a few pieces behind ear.

Don’t worry if pieces fall free, and leave the ends loose for a more casual take on the classic neatly rolled style.

Mist plenty of hairspray and clamp a bow clip for society girl sophistication.

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