Dolce&Gabbana Makeup Lace Summer 2020 Collection

Dolce&Gabbana Makeup Lace Summer 2020 Collection

The new season is shedding light on an array of fabulous makeup launches and one of the luxury brands that has become a definite must have for true beauty lovers and fashionistas, Dolce & Gabbana has managed once again to surprise its fans with an exquisite makeup collection created for the summer of 2020 and titled simply and elegantly Lace Collection.

Dolce&Gabbana’s Lace Collection relies on the elegance of nude tones that express sensuality and refinement like no other hues and that are spiced up by the elegance of the lace décor displayed perfectly on the collection’s packaging and on the powdered makeup items featured. To underline the elegant line of the collection, the brand chose the oh-so-gorgeous Monica Bellucci as the face of the collection, so browse through the wonderful items and pick your new season favorites.

Dolce&Gabbana Makeup Lace Summer 2020 Collection Dolce&Gabbana Makeup Lace Summer 2020 Collection

Glow Bronzing Powder Give your skin a sensual glow with the help of this must have glow bronzing powder in Desert, a lovely mix of neutral tones that are spiked up with gorgeous pearl pigments that deliver the perfect amount of shimmer. The powder displays an irresistible lace pattern that will seduce you instantly, so dare to experiment with it and let your skin lure in all the attention.

Mini Brush Set The application process of your makeup is equally important as the quality of the products you are using, so if you aim for flawless, natural, professional looking results, you should definitely invest in a high quality brush set. Dolce and Gabbana’s Lace mini brush set features all the essential brushes you need to enhance your beauty to perfection and it includes:

Blush brush

Foundation brush

Pencil brush

Blending brush

Intenseyes Mascara The mascara is definitely one of the most important beauty weapons in your makeup arsenal as perfectly defined eyelashes can instantly transform your look while still maintaining that high dose of elegance and naturalness that attracts attention and admiration. The new limited edition mascara aims to intensify the eyelashes to the max, so coat your lashes with the perfect Black mascara. The package displays a gorgeous lace print that will make sure you’re always pampering yourself in style.

Dolce&Gabbana Makeup Lace Summer 2020 Collection

Ultra Shine Lip Glosses Glossy, tinted lips are a definite must this summer and the hues proposed by the deluxe brand are meant to match all skin tones and create an elegant, sensual look that will not go by unnoticed. The formula is meant to give the perfect amount of color with each stroke without being sticky or thick, so you can feel like your lips are wrapped in silk. The following shimmery and matte nudes are available to choose from, so pick your best match:




Intense Nail Lacquer Three fabulous elegant nail varnishes take over the beauty scene at Dolce&Gabbana, so choose the perfect match for your digits:




The collection will hit select stores staring this month, so grab on to your fav products and achieve that timeless elegance that is exuded by Ms. Monica Bellucci.

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