Energy Boosting Foods

Energy Boosting Foods

The main cause of unexpected fatigue and lack of energy is a poor diet deficient in the essential nutrients our body needs to function properly, insufficient hydration as well as lack of sleep. Learning to make better choices when it comes to our diet can help us fight fatigue and make us more efficient and productive throughout the day. If we make smart choices when it comes to our meals we can immediately boost our mood and enhance our brain power.

Energy Boosting Foods

To enjoy high level of energy we must keep our blood sugar in check by maintaining it at constant levels throughout the day. Choosing foods that are rich in carbohydrates and that are absorbed slowly in the bloodstream is one of the most effective ways to increase our energy and keep it relatively constant during the day. Here’s a selection of foods that can effectively boost your energy:

Nuts Nuts are an excellent source of healthy facts that our body need to keep energy at reasonable levels. Almonds, walnuts and pistachios also reduce cholesterol levels, contain high quality proteins that are beneficial for muscle building and fat reducing.

Trough the considerable amount of Omega 3 fatty acids they not only increase mental alertness but are also an important food for heart health. However due to the high amount of calories contained in this nuts it’s best to consume only a handful of these nuts on a daily basis. This way we enjoy all the benefits without harming our silhouette.

Whole Grains Part of the reason why whole grain have become highly recommended compared other sources of carbohydrates is the fact that they are made of complex carbohydrates that enter the bloodstream slowly and as a result the insulin levels remain constant as opposed to simple carbohydrates that enter the bloodstream quickly and although they provide energy on the short term, immediately the body loses that energy shortly after the nutrients are absorbed.

The high content of fiber contained in whole grains is another factor that helps keep the energy levels in check in an indirect way. Brown rice, oatmeal, rye or quinoa are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates that will regulate your glucose levels and you will not feel the intense need to go for instant energy sources such as candy bars. Energy Boosting Foods

Spinach Low levels of iron and magnesium are a leading cause of unexpected fatigue and lack of energy. A lack of magnesium might also contribute to other unpleasant health problems such as frequent migraines, increasing the severity of depression, which is another leading cause of fatigue. Aside from magnesium spinach is also a good source of vitamin B minerals as well as vitamin C and vitamin K that is an even more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E.

Yogurt The benefits of yogurt consumption are numerous. First of all yogurt is a wonderful source of calcium and magnesium that increase the body’s ability to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates, being also a good choice when trying to reduce belly fat.

Some research shows that increasing the amount of calcium in your diet might be beneficial both for increased energy and for a faster weight loss. Want to enjoy a good energy level and to reduce stress? Use a cup of low fat yogurt as a snack and you’ll begin to see results immediately.

Fruits Although fruits are basically simple carbohydrates sources they are filled with vitamins and minerals that help boost energy levels. Bananas are a good choice due to the high content of potassium a nutriment that is especially important for proper nerve and muscle functioning. Blueberries, oranges and apples are also good choices being filled with antioxidants that help regulate the cellular regeneration processes.

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