Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes Mascara

Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes Mascara

Nicolas Degennes as the Artistic Director for Givenchy Le Make up decided to take beauty formulas to the next level with a brand new parade of mascaras. Our glimpse can tell so much about our beauty-consciousness and personality. Therefore, it is a must to experiment with the latest compositions that allow us to secure the long-lasting radiance of our eyes.

The new Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes mascara honors the unearthly beauty of Liv Tyler, who managed to mesmerize the world with her sex-appeal and flirty elegance. Givenchy is synonymous with high class and refinement. This time the mastermind behind the cosmetic brand came up with the idea of the first 3D telescopic brush that revolutionizes the application techniques of modern makeup design.

As we find out from the creator, this mascara is a “High Tech accessory at the cutting edge of innovation combines an extensible brush and a finishing tool. An exclusive hyaluronic acid-based formula adds volume to the base of lashes without weighing down the tips. A super-audacious product for extravagant, breathtaking volume.”

Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes Mascara

Furthermore, it is also revealed that Nicolas Degennes worked no less than 2 years to find the magical formula and create this fabulous beauty potion. Those who long for a catchy glimpse that radiates confidence and sensuality at the same time will have the chance to try their hand at this exquisite line of mascaras. In order to complete a textbook style application consider the following tips also included in the detailed presentation of the makeup products, “To create density: the volumising shaft has 16 inlaid grooves which serve as reservoirs for material. Each time it is dipped in the vial, they are engorged with mascara so that the base of eyelashes is covered with a thick coating on application.

Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes Mascara Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes Mascara

Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes Mascara

To define: enclosed in the shaft, a totally clean elastomer separating brush is released by activating the base of the cap. Its cone shape guarantees ease of use combined with ultra-precision. The finishing tool gives the ultimate touch of precision. Its finesse provides a customized, unequalled, lash-by-lash result.”

The shades among which you can select your favorite are:

Audacious Black,

Audacious Brown

Audacious Green (in limited edition)

The collection will be available from July throughout the upcoming season.

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