Great Date Ideas

Great Date Ideas

When you want to really impress your partner, try one of the great date ideas that don’t have to cost a lot. Discover some of the best date ideas, perfect for your first dates or any date night.

Great Ideas for a First Date

Dinner and a movie doesn’t cut it anymore and sitting it the dark for a couple for hours doesn’t really help you get to know your date. If you do want to opt for a restaurant, go for exotic cuisine that’s a first for your date.

Seeing a play is a more pleasant experience than a movie and you can also show your date you know a thing or two about culture. Another great choice is an aquarium, when your can discover the wonders of the sea hand in hand. For a competitive first date that’s also loads of fun, bowling can be a good choice, and ice skating or rollerblading are other ideas for an active first date.

Great Date Ideas

Great Second Date Ideas

Once you’ve got the first date out of the way and you want to seal the deal with your second one, try an outdoor movie or drive-in, perfect for making out.

A concert for a local band can be just as fun and a visit at the arcade can make for an excellent second date. Want to impress with your sophistication? Go for a cooking class or take your date a little out of town to visit a tourist attraction.

Great Date Night Ideas

For a couple that’s looking to spend quality time on their date night, wine tasting is an excellent choice. Other great date night ideas include a pottery class, dancing lessons or getting couples massages, either at the salon or at home.

Looking for one of the great date ideas that your partner will never forget? Take them to see a sunset out in nature, where you can forget about stress and responsibilities.

Great Date Ideas

Great Cheap Date Ideas

While a 4 star restaurant is always a pleasant experience, great date ideas don’t have to be expensive at all. A picnic in the park, with a little cheese, wine and a comfy blanket costs a lot less but makes for a better experience.

Karaoke night is another option for great date ideas that don’t cost much, but if you really want to make it special, go for a more active date. Stay away from sports that will get you both sweaty and opt for a more romantic idea, like flying a kite.

If you live next to a public pool, go for a swim in the evening when the noisy kids are gone. Another great date idea is taking your date on a roller coaster ride, cheap but filled with adrenaline.

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