Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora

Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora

Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora

The Guerlain Terra Ora summer 2020 collection is the latest project the luxury label brings to the table. Fans of the label will definitely enjoy the comprehensive new line which simply spells hot summer days with the luxurious allure that the label has gotten us used to. Despite the effortlessly chic allure summer makeup tends to be associated with, the truth is that getting a fabulous look requires a significant amount of products and the new Guerlain 2020 makeup collection definitely brings plenty of interesting options.

Guerlain Terra Ora ($72)

The unquestionable star of the new line, the limited edition Guerlain Terra Ora is a must have of the new collection. Suitable for all skin tones and encased in a wooden mirror case with a magnetic closure, it can be used to define and sculpt your features and maximize radiance in the process.

Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora

Guerlain Météorites Perles Les Ors Primer ($71)

A good makeup primer can be the secret which differentiates a good makeup style from a great one. With three different tones which can instantly take your look to the next level, the limited edition enhances your features in three different ways: the white pearls illuminate the skin, the pink tones add a rosy glow while the yellow pearls add a subtle shimmer.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Cream, SPF 30 ($51)

As exciting as color cosmetics might be, a flawless looking skin is the most coveted effect regardless of the season. With SPF protection, hydrating ingredients, a lightweight texture and an even color, this is one of the products you’ll always find yourself reaching for.

Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora

Guerlain Terra Nerolia ($69)

With shimmering peach, bronze and gold shades, this limited edition face and body bronzer is ideal for getting the enviable sunkissed look sans the harmful effects of tanning with a subtle satin sheen that will make people wonder what’s your secret!

Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora

Guerlain Loose Powder Eye Shadow ($35)

For a seductive look, Guerlain brings two versatile yet uber trendy shades. A single application is enough to get a fab metallic effect which will instantly attract attention. Choose between these fab tones: Cuivre Ora Warm and sensual copper and Bronze Ora Timeless bronzed brown.

Guerlain Shine Automatique ($35)

The Guerlain Shine Automatique lipsticks hardly need any presentation. The label brings two spectacular limited edition tones for this summer: Corail Ora, a trendy luminous warm coral and Bianca Ora, a semi-transparent white gold shade which oozes sophistication and refinement.

Also included in the new Guerlain Terra Ora summer 2020 makeup collection are the Khôl Me Kajal ($37), a permanent addition to the Guerlain makeup line and the Terra Ora Kabuki Brush ($55) a limited edition brush designed to help you get the absolute best results.

The Guerlain Terra Ora makeup collection will be available starting with May at selected locations like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Sephora.

Guerlain Summer 2020 Makeup: Terra Ora

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