HSN Forsaken by True Blood Beauty Collection

HSN Forsaken by True Blood Beauty Collection

HSN Forsaken by True Blood Beauty Collection

It truly is the year of well known franchises. Some of the most promising projects have served as the source of inspiration for fun beauty products: Dark Shadows nail polishes, Rock of Ages nail strips or The Amazing Spiderman are just a few recent examples of the many successes translated into fun products. Then, of course, True Blood has enjoyed a lot of popularity over the years, so it makes a lot of sense to see it reflect in yet another interesting collection.

HSN has upcoming beauty collection titled Forsaken by True Blood which contains a variety of products from fun nail polishes to perfume and beauty powder, obviously inspired by the TV series most easily recognizable characters. Here’s a quick breakdown of the upcoming products:

Forsaken Body Cream Keeping moisturized is key for looking and feeling absolutely spectacular. Aside from its moisturizing abilities, the product also aims to pamper your sense with delightful pulpy fruits, crisp pear, and blooming jasmine notes.

Forsaken by True Blood Body Veil For a similarly pleasant experience, you’ll also have the chance of purchasing body veil which has a subtle shimmery effect for an extra dose of fun. Seductive and light, the product is a perfect choice for pampering.

HSN Forsaken by True Blood Beauty Collection HSN Forsaken by True Blood Beauty Collection HSN Forsaken by True Blood Beauty Collection HSN Forsaken by True Blood Beauty Collection

Forsaken by True Blood Fragrance It’s Betsy Olum’s, the General Manager of Beauty and Merchandising Strategy for HSN belief that: “Just like Sookie, every woman has a dark, sensual side.” As a result, the new fragrance “Forsaken is a very sexy fragrance that any woman can wear anytime when she wants to feel ultra-feminine, yet sultry.”

Forsaken by True Blood DL & Co. Candle Though not technically a beauty product, the candle can be a great way of entering that fun state of pampering and relaxation. The very representative fang symbol is a great representation of the series’ theme.

Forsaken Set With Let It Bleed Nail Polish and Bite Me Lip Color by Deborah Lippmann Aside from the brilliant nail polish shade, a fab deep sanguine red, the newest collection also comprises a new style direction for the Deborah Lippmann label, lipstick. “This lipstick beckons a vampire’s bite,” Deborah stated and it matches the sentiment of this beauty premiere for the brand: “It has a strong sentiment behind it because we didn’t want to introduce my first lip color in a subtle way. We worked hard to create an innovative lipstick formula that provides a nail lacquer-inspired fashion-forward intensity, shine, and color.”

HSN Forsaken by True Blood Beauty Collection

Sookie Sookie Set With Fairy Dust and Human Nature Nail Polish by Deborah Lippmann The best description of the hues comes once again from Lippmann herself: “Human Nature is a mortal putty taupe and Fairy Dust is an ethereal shimmer. The character Sookie is half fairy, half human, and this set represents both her human side and her ethereal side with magical powers.”

Mini set of Nail Polishes by Deborah LippmannBad Blood “This black cherry shade was inspired by Pam (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten), and her edgy, black leather-wearing character.”Strange Love “This was inspired by the character Jessica,” (portrayed by actress Deborah Ann Woll). “Her redheaded, vampy, sexy character isn’t too dark, but still sultry.”New Flesh Nail Polish “This reflects Sookie in another light. It’s a clean nude that is beige, yet sheer. It really fits her character.”

The collection will be available starting with August 9 on HSN.com and has a price range between $25 and $60.

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