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Illamasqua Generation Q Fall Winter 2020 Makeup Collection

Illamasqua Generation Q Fall Winter 2020 Makeup Collection

Makeup is a girl’s best friend as Illamasqua proves through its latest makeup collection for fall 2020, as makeup will never disappoint you when it comes to sculpting and accentuating your features to perfection. Created to suit women of different ages by combining timeless classic hues with modern pigments, Illamasqua’s Generation Q makeup collection for fall winter 2020 poses as a great option for beauty enthusiasts, so browse through the lovely pigments and pick your new season beauty boosters as soon as they hit the shelves.

The label that creates professional makeup ‘for your alter ego’ is trying to promote beauty, timeless and ageless beauty through its promo shoot as femininity is something that is not labeled with a certain age. To help encourage women, especially older women to dare to enhance their beauty with makeup, Illamasqua chose 72 year old stunner Evelyn as the face of the collection. Mixing fabulous classic with modern pigments that follow in closely the autumnal tendencies in beauty and fashion, the collection manages to attract plenty of attention, so get creative with the following irresistible pigments and products:

Illamasqua Generation Q Fall Winter 2020 Makeup Collection

Illamasqua Generation Q Eye Palettes The brand that aims to bring a bit of a drama with their makeup products chose dark colored eye color pigments for its fall 2020 collection, pigments that can sculpt and define the eyes to perfection due to their intensity, lightweight, easy to use formula. The eye quads offer plenty of options when it comes to underlining your peepers, so choose the color mix that suits your skin tone and personality best:

Complement Palette – Powder Eye Shadow in Slink, a soft shimmery champagne, Forgiveness, a rich matte chocolate plum, Liquid Metal in Focus, a cool brown metal, Pressed Pure Pigment in Queen of the Night shimmery blackened plum

Empower Palette – Powder Eye Shadow in Blink, a neutral matte flesh tone, Synth, an iridescent pale pink, Pressed Pure Pigment in Fervent, a shimmery reddish/blue/brown/green, Liquid Metal in Slick, an anthracite metallic hue

Illamasqua Generation Q Fall Winter 2020 Makeup Collection

Eyeliner Nothing brings out and sculpts the eyes more than a high quality eyeliner and Illamasqua just made the best out of its profession theatrical makeup experience by bringing a cool precision eyeliner hue to the beauty scene. Available in Wisdom, an antiqued gold hue, the eyeliner will brighten your facial features, giving you instant lift and youthfulness.

Blushes and Highlighter The sculpting power of this duo is irrefutable, so make sure you define your cheekbones to perfection and add light to the skin while still maintaining a soft and comfortable appearance using Illamasqua’s new pressed powder blushes and highlighter. The following pigments compliment all skin tones, so choose the one that you fancy best from the following:

Blushes available in Sophie – a golden coral shimmer and Allure – a dusky rose pink shimmer

Highlighter available in Aurora, a light champagne with pearlescent finish

Lip Color Create the perfect pout using the oh-so-fabulous lip color pigments and formula featured in Illamasqua’s lipsticks and lip glosses. For the fal 2020 season the brand proposes both bold, sensual colors as well as nude, soft pigments, so take a peek at the hues and experiment with the colors that match your personality best:

Lipsticks available in Magnetism – a deep raspberry pink and Underworld – a blueberry violet shimmer

Intense Lipglosses available in Boost – blueberry violet and Opulent – rainbow beige

Nail Polish Polish your nails to perfection with two autumnal, timeless hues that suit all occasions, as pretty polished nails are a requirement for all fashionistas, so get your nails tinted in:

Creator – shimmery black

Charism a- a deep raspberry pink

The collection is fabulous and worth all of your attention, so check it out as soon as it hits the shelves as the collection is set to make its debut on September 6.

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