Important Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You

Important Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You

Breaking up with a boyfriend is almost never an easy job, but what happens when your ex starts calling you again after a while? What lies behind his actions? Discover now what are the most important signs that your ex wants you back.

He Finds Excuses to Contact You

Take a look at one of the greatest signs your ex isn’t over you! Whether he texts or calls you, he finds excuses to get in touch. For example, he might start the conversation with a couple of random questions or might ask your help with something. If he does this pretty often, it probably means he still thinks about you and wants you back in his life.

He Reaches Out on Holidays

You should also include this among the signs your ex boyfriend still likes you. If he calls to wish you an early ‘Happy Holidays!’ or ‘Merry Christmas!’ or pops up at your door with a lovely bouquet of roses or a present on Christmas Eve, it means that he still thinks about you and might want to get back together. And if you share his feelings, you might want to hear out what he has to say.

Important Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You

He Doesn’t Leave Your Side

Have you recently run into your ex boyfriend and he started asking lots of questions to keep the conversation going? If that’s the case, you’ve now discovered another good sign your ex isn’t over you just yet. When someone still has feelings, he feels the need to catch up and find out what you’ve been up to lately. That’s why he might not stick to a simple ‘Hi. How are you?’ when he runs into you on the street or at the supermarket. Instead, he might feel the need to touch you and laugh at your jokes, as he enjoys your presence.

He Asks Your Friends About You

Asking your friends about you is another important sign your ex isn’t over you. Has a good friend of yours told you that she ran into your former boyfriend and he started asking questions about you? In this case, you can associate his curiosity to the fact that he isn’t over you yet. And if you want to be sure about things, you should clear things out with him.

Important Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You

He Keeps in Touch with Your Family

It’s very polite of his part to greet your family, especially if you had a long term commitment, however, what happens when he starts calling your mother every week? This is a good sign your ex wants you back as he might hope that your parents can help him out with this matter.

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