International Beauty Tips

International Beauty Tips

Beauty secrets vary among different cultures and have been passed on from generation to generation through free speech. By knowing these secrets many women have been able to enhance their natural beauty, managed to slow down the aging process and found natural remedies for various health problems. Here’s how women from different countries achieve a fabulous look:

International Beauty Tips

Egypt: A fabulous look starts with a perfect set of pearly whites. Egyptian women use a combination of baking soda, salt and lemon juice to brush their teeth and that’s how they obtain the perfect smile. This is an effective whitening treatment but it must not be used more than once a week as it can damage the enamel.

Philippines: Here women use aloe Vera gel to get a strong hair, and apply it by massaging it into their scalp. Also, they use a mixture of granted fresh ginger and finely chopped limes as remedy for dry skin.

Ivory Coast: African women rely on the amazing properties of shea butter to moisturize their skin and use Rooibos tea as natural anti-aging remedy for their skin, due to the high amounts of antioxidants contained in it.

International Beauty Tips

Belgium: Women here use mink oil in an effort to reduce stretchmarks, fine lines or blemishes. This oil can also be used as moisturizer for the skin and even for the hair.

China: To have strong hair Chinese women rinse it with a mixture of rosemary water and green tea. Tea consumption is another reason for the youthful appearance of Chinese women. Including green, black, white or oolong tea in your diet is a wise choice if you want to enjoy the health and beauty benefits of antioxidants which fight free radicals helping to slow down the aging process.

Israel: Women take advantage of the beneficial impact of the black mud. Black mud, found in abundance near the Dead Sea contains a wide variety of minerals that nourish the body while also acting as an effective sunscreen.

Italy: To obtain a long, thick eyelashes and prevent them from breaking women use Castor oil. Obviously, Italian women know how to take advantage of the amazing properties of olive oil and use it as an inexpensive moisturizer for their lips, hair, body.They also use olive oil to strengthen their nails.

India: Coconut oil and almond oil are used extensively for their moisturizing properties. Not only that but coconut oil also increases natural hair growth while almond oil is the perfect remedy for damaged hair.

Spain: To obtain beautiful highlights brunettes rinse their hair using half a cup of seltzer combined with half a cup of cranberry juice.

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