Jealousy Does More Harm Than Good in a Relationship

Jealousy Does More Harm Than Good in a Relationship

Jealousy can sometimes help couples get closer. Showing more affection and care for your partner because you’re a bit jealous can contribute to the satisfaction level in your relationship, but too much of it can quickly cause issues.

Some of the biggest dangers of jealousy threaten more than your happiness and your relationship. Extreme jealousy can rot your love from the inside, and it can also have a negative effect on your health. Find out more about the worst parts of jealousy and the way it will hurt you.

You’re Putting Your Health at Risk

When you’re constantly stressed out about your guy’s fidelity, your body is filled with stress hormones. This can affect the quality of your sleep, which in turn reduces your immunity. High blood pressure, along with ulcers are are also potential dangers when you spend too much time worrying and agonizing over his actions.

You’re More Likely to Suffer from Alcoholism

A new study published in the journal Additive Behaviors shows that people who are experiencing a lot of jealousy in their relationship are more likely to become alcoholics. Titled “The green eyed monster in the bottle: Relationship contingent self-esteem, romantic jealousy, and alcohol-related problems”, the study highlights one of the biggest dangers of jealousy, the risk of self-medication with alcoholic beverages when you let jealousy take over.

Your Mental Health Might Be Affected

Being too preoccupied with jealousy can also take a toll on your state of might. When you dwell on assumptions and accusations for too long, you’re more likely to develop anxiety and depression. You can also suffer from mood swings, particularly if you’re also having trouble sleeping.

You Can Get Stuck in an Endless Cycle of Fighting

When jealous feelings are always on your mind, you’re less likely to let things go. One of the biggest dangers of jealousy is the fact that you can get stuck reopening old fights without ever resolving anything. Without trusting your partner, you’ll keep accusing him of betraying you and never really let it go.

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You Can Damage Your Self-Trust

Jealousy is a trust issue, but sometimes the trust you have in yourself can be also be affected. By accusing your partner of betraying your trust, then finding out that you were wrong, you can start questioning your ability to control your emotions and draw reasonable conclusions.

Communication Can Suffer

When more and more conversations start taking an accusatory tone and becoming tense, communication in your relationship will be affected. One of the worst dangers of jealousy is the fact that it can make communication difficult. Without listening to your partner, you won’t make any progress, and things can only get worse.

Mistrust Takes Over

Once your guy feels your lack of trust, he’ll start mistrusting you as well. If you let your jealousy get you angry quickly, the safe space between you is getting smaller and smaller. When neither of you are trusting each other, the intimacy is also threatened and the chances of your relationship lasting are getting smaller and smaller.

Your Self-Esteem Takes a Hit

Jealousy is linked to possessive behavior for many, but it’s also linked to insecurity. When you’re constantly wondering if your partner is cheating, your self-esteem takes a hit. That’s one of the biggest dangers of jealousy, since it can affect you in the long run, even after the relationship is over.

Jealousy Can Push Him Towards Infidelity

When you’re constantly accusing him of cheating, he’ll be more likely to seek the company of less judgmental people. He may start having an emotional affair, and he could even cheat, just because there’s nothing to lose since you’re already treating him like he’s done it already.

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The Relationship Can End Sooner

One of the major dangers of jealousy is the fact that both of you might start wondering if it’s worth it to stay in the relationship. Unfair accusations and jealous paranoia can push anyone away, and jealousy can make a relationship unbearable when it’s out of control.

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