Lancome Limited Edition Natural Juicy Tubes

Lancome Limited Edition Natural Juicy Tubes

Lip gloss is one of those makeup staples that is adored both by makeup junkies who love dramatic, glamorous makeup styles and by those who prefer to stick with a more natural, minimalistic makeup that will highlight their best features. In order to help women enhance their femininity subtly, yet noticeably, Lancome has collaborated with Japanese visual designer Yayoi Kusama in order to create a fun limited edition lipgloss collection that has a strong summer vibe.

The collection draws attention almost instantly mainly for its fun, girlish design. Polka dots and colorful nature inspired elements give the collection a whimsical appeal. While the undoubtedly creative packaging is sure to spur curiosity among fashionistas, there are several other noteworthy characteristics that can surely influence the purchasing decision. All these sheer-finish lip glosses, priced $15 each, are 100% natural and feature honey as their main ingredient, being also preservative-free.

Lancome Limited Edition Natural Juicy Tubes

Moreover, the tubes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organization which helps reduce the exploitation of forests by encouraging the responsible management of resources. The green thumb of the collection can definitely be a good incentive to buy, however, the alluring shades and scents are the most important characteristics of the products featured.

Pop Art Hazelnut -a classy champagne shade with a hazelnut cacao scent.

Happy Honey – a clear honey flavored shade.

Rose Blossom – a sweet pale peach shade with vanilla scents

Dot Apricot – a subtle baby pink with apricot scent.

Crazy Raspberry – a sheer intense pink with raspberry flavor.

Swing Pink -a fun,bright sheer finish bubble-gum pink with a grapefruit scent

Available in  1/3 oz versions, all the lip glosses have a tube tip applicator which ensures a smooth application and prevents stickiness, ensuring the wet lips look is created effortlessly. The Lancome Natural Juicy Tubes by Yayoi Kusama collection can be purchased at Nordstrom stores and Lancome counters as well as from the Lancome website.

Lancome Limited Edition Natural Juicy Tubes

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