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Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color for Spring 2020

Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color for Spring 2020

This season, Laura Mercier is focusing on eye definition as the brand unveiled its Illuminating Eye Color collection for spring 2020 and trust us when we say the shades are absolutely heavenly! It’s absolutely amazing what a little bit of color strategically dusted on the eyelid can do for your look and since beauty is on everyone’s mind, be sure to check out these sizzling eye shadow shades signed by the label as they are made to get you looking hot.

The formula chosen for the Laura Mercier Illuminating eyeshadow collection was carefully created to deliver a long lasting, crease and transfer resistant multi-dimensional smooth and sheer color from first application, just so your gaze can look like that of a goddess with absolutely no fuss. The soft, bouncy texture that gives the eyelid a sizzling, radiant pearl finish will sweep you off your feet from first use. If you’re looking for new fabulous pigments to bring out your eye color, this is definitely a collection to try.

Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color for Spring 2020

In the latest collection Laura Mercier chose to bring three fabulous shades to the beauty scene, shades that look gorgeous individually, that flatter most complexions and best of all: that can be all paired to create smoldering, sophisticated eye makeup looks! The following fab Illuminating eyeshadow monos will get your hearts racing from fist glimpse:

Fire Glow – copper shimmer

Sun Glow – gold with shimmer

Earth Glow – deep brown

Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color for Spring 2020

The amazing eye makeup collection signed Laura Mercier has all the potential of becoming your go-to cosmetics for day and evening as for $24 you’ll not only receive a fabulously pigmented eye shadow shade but also a product that is highly effective, highly resistant and easy to apply. Give your favorite shades a test and see which color will convince you that it’s so worth taking home!

Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color for Spring 2020

Get these at: lauramercier.com

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