Leo Horoscope: September Week 4

Leo Horoscope: September Week 4

The Sun will make you manage your finances with great care. You have a conciliatory  attitude towards others and your personal relationships will be favored. You should start learning new things and not just show off the ones you already master. This way, you will get to improve the skills you considered the weakest.

Leo September 23-29, 2020 Love Horoscope: With Mars in the Love House, you will be very passionate and loving. Those of you single will be willing to take on a new adventure. In couple? You should be careful, as Mars also brings with him jealousy and possessiveness, which may interfere with your relationship.

Leo September 23-29, 2020 Career Horoscope: You will be very driven and dynamic and will work very hard to consolidate your position in the company. Soon you will see that hard work pays off.

Leo September 23-29, 2020 Health Horoscope: You will be full of energy, adrenalin and ready to conquer the world. With this type of energy boost, you should be careful because accidents might happen.

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