MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

MAC cosmetics, the oh-so-popular cosmetics brand has teamed up with MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India, Mickey Contractor to create a fabulous makeup collection which will help you achieve that ultimate glamorous Bollywood look.

Mickey Contractor has a vast experience in the art of makeup application as he was responsible for the makeup look of a variety of famous faces in the Bollywood acting scene. Indian makeup has always exuded glamor and style, so why not turn towards fabulous colors to enhance your fortes: your facial features.

MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

The multi-talented makeup director Mickey Constructor tried to transpose the Bollywoodian beauty into a collection which will suit all skin tones. Naturalness is a must this year and this collection tries to unite color with naturalness to give “life” to an unforgettable exotic look. The collection contains all the must haves that Mickey thinks a beauty kit should contain so you can find anything from lipsticks to makeup brushes. The following makeup products available in different amazing, glam shades that will definitely conquer your heart from first glimpse. Since you can already find the Mac and Mickey Contractor makeup collection is stores and online, don’t hesitate to purchase your favorite items contained by the collection:

MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

The MAC + Mickey Contractor Lipsticks are available in 4 fabulous shades. Most of the shades are limited edition only so don’t miss out on the opportunity to stack up on your favorites:

Yash- which has a deep neutral coloration

Mocha- which has a lovely peachy-tan coloration

Gulabi- which is a fabulous fuchsia colored lipstick

Mehr-which has a lovely dirty blue pink coloration

MAC has created two lovely lipglasses which, if worn over lipstick can make your lips scream KISS ME or if worn over bare lips can make your lips look as luscious as ever. The lipglasses are available in the following shades:

Flesh- which is a gorgeous dirty nude brown, perfect for a natural look

Lust- which is a gorgeous soft muted pink that will make your lips look sensual

No makeup look is complete without eyeshadow and the options are vast when it comes to eyeshadow territory. You can go simple or opt for a color palette depending on what works best for you, so if you’re all about sophistication go for the Athma Eyehadow Quad which features the following color combinations:

Folie- which is a reddish-plum brown

Carbon- which is a matte black makeup

Jaan- which is a light neutral shade featuring soft gold pearls

Vivah- which is a brown-gold pearl

MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

Also available for purchase are the fabulous mono-eyeshadows which come in 4 ravishing shades which will cause you delight and make your eye makeup perfect for day as well as evening wear whether worn simple or mixed:

Saffron- is a deep coral-caramel

Rani-is a bright fuchsia featuring a soft pink pearl

Marvel- is a deep purple which features a soft pink pearl

Oomph- is a gorgeous forest green which features a soft gold pearl

MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

Defining the eyes is a must if you wish to make them the focus point of your makeup and that cannot be done without the help of eyeliner. The eyeliners created for this particular collection have a gel texture that will ensure an ultra smooth application. The eyeliners named Fluidline come in two surprising yet amazing shades:

Ivy- which is a gorgeous bright green

Siahi- a fabulous turquoise blue

Nothing tops the beauty of a flawless complexion and makeup can act as your best friend in achieving the flawless skin effect you are yearning for. Blushes, foundations, concealers as well as brushes can help you achieve the desired effect and thanks to the high quality of these products, the application process will be super easy and fun. Here are the products that will make your skin look radiant:

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

the shade that will match your skin is one of the following: NC41, NC43.5, NC44.5


Gana- which is a bright white-gold shade

Sur- which is a dirty rose brown shade

The concealers featured by this collection will help you hide any blemishes on your skin while the Prep+ Prime Transparent Finishing Powder will ensure your makeup receives a long lasting effect. Apply your makeup with the new MAC + Mickey Contractor makeup brushes as they will make a difference:

219 pencil brush

239 eye shader

116 blush brush

The MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection is already available so don’t hesitate to purchase your favorite products featured in the collection so you can radiate glamor whenever and wherever you are with ease, by just turning to your beauty case!

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