NYX ‘Dark Shadows’ Inspired Makeup Palette

NYX ‘Dark Shadows’ Inspired Makeup Palette

The upcoming launch of the Dark Shadows movie is not only a much awaited media event but also a veritable source of inspiration for the beauty industry which is taking every chance it gets to transform this promising blockbuster into an artistic expression and ultimately, profit. After the exciting Orly Dark Shadows nail polish collection announcement, a new beauty company tempts fans with an alluring makeup palette. Called ‘The Crimson Amulet’, the limited edition collection features an extensive eyeshadow palette comprising hot seasonal colors.

The collection is displayed in an extremely creative manner. Enclosed in a hard back book, the 24 eyeshadows are attractively packaged and super portable. The entire collection is focused around recreating the looks of the most beloved characters of the film. Aside from fabulous eyeshadows, the newest collection of the brand also features four lip creams, highlighter, and blushes.

NYX ‘Dark Shadows’ Inspired Makeup Palette NYX ‘Dark Shadows’ Inspired Makeup Palette

A lot of neutrals and a few shimmery tones can prove the perfect combo for a multitude of versatile combos, making the new palette a great buy. The other products included in the collection are also flattering for most skin tones. Subtle vintage vibes match the spirit of the movie perfectly, being both practical for travelling and uber stylish. Although there is no official launch date yet, the collection will most definitely be launched this May before the movie is released. Check out the official website of the brand for updates regarding this collection.

NYX ‘Dark Shadows’ Inspired Makeup Palette

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