NYX Love in Florence Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes

NYX Love in Florence Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes

We’ve already seen a glimpse of what NYX Cosmetics have to offer for the spring 2020 season, however, the Love in Paris eyeshadow palette was only a part of the new offerings that are on the verge of being released. The Love in Florence eyeshadow palettes are a bit different yet equally interesting. The newest palette is one that will surely spark a lot of interest in those who have a yearning for mimicking the effortless chic allure that so many European fashion houses manage to bring out each season. Elusive yet so covetable, this is the vibe that one can get with these fab alternatives presented.

With a variety of matte and shimmery tones that instantly prove suitable for a myriad of occasions, the 10 new alternatives are tempting and spectacular and can surely prove a wonderful addition to your new season makeup arsenal. All eye colors are beautifully represented as the new set of alternatives cater to all kinds of style needs with a superb set of tones. A bit of skill and imagination are the additional ingredients to turn all the attention on you in the season to come. As if the gorgeous shades weren’t enough to be anxious for the spring to arrive, the names of the new makeup staples will further intensify such feelings. Just try and see if you can resist thinking about a fun getaway while browsing through the new tones:

NYX Love in Florence Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes

Meet My Romeo – shimmery and matte neutrals

Eat, Love, Be Fab – shimmery and matte peach, browns and green

XOXO, Mona – shimmery and matte, light and dark purples

Cio Bella – shimmery and matte peaches, taupes and black

Sunsets with Sophia – shimmery and matte beiges, gold and black

Tryst by Trevi – shimmery and matte nude, silver, white and black

Prima Donna – shimmery and matte champagne, purples and black

La Dolce Vita – shimmery & matte silver, blues and white

Bellini Kiss – shimmery golds, browns and nude

Gelato for Two – shimmery & matte grey, peach and plums

NYX Love in Florence Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes

To create all kinds of sultry and intriguing looks with these palettes you’ll only have to wait until January 15th when the collection launches at nyxcosmetics.com

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